Portal Closing Spell For Those Who May Need It

Lady of Light

I was asked not too long ago for a spell to close a portal that was causing someone a lot of problems. So, I came up with this method which I will provide a link to. Please note, it is not a completely written out 100% ready to use spell. Like most of the spells I give out, this is a guide for you to make it your own. Further assistance can be given, I will help if you ask me to, but use this as your guide.

Portal Closing Spell: You May Need It | Wake up and Unhypnotize

Also, if you don't understand what a Portal is, then you should read this:

Portals: Gateways to Other Worlds | Wake up and Unhypnotize

The above link explains what portals are, how they opened, common places they are located, and it even has some stories from my own experiences over the years. None of the portals I have dealt with personally have caused me any harm, and only on one occasion, tried to cause someone else harm.