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Hello, I am new here. I stumbled across this forum and thought it was pretty cool. I love conspiracy theories and debunking rumours of world catastrophes such as doomsday theories. I don't believe in doomsday prophecies, I feel like they are the smoke covering the screen, or the government covering up the truth of whats really happening. I never thought the world would end in 2012, it's all too unrealistic. I believe in UFOs and feel like theres so much more to the story than we know, I just wish we weren't so behind in uncovering the truth. I'm yet to be convinced about Planet X and Nibiru and those sorts of ideas. And as far as any other conspiracy theories such as secret societies, Illuminati and other black op organisations, I think something of the sort has to exist, otherwise how else do you keep 7 billion people in line? Anyway, looking forward to hearing all your stories and learning more about what everyone else thinks.

Psalm, x

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Welcome Psalm. :)

There's lots to discuss on all those interest here on this forum. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and views on all kinds of things. I guess we'll see you around. :)

Again, Welcome! :)

Lady of Light :)