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Thank you, Lady of Light, for welcoming me to this blog.
I'm here mainly to read and find out what others are thinking and saying.

Although I have read widely, and variously, I am none the wiser, and as far as I can ascertain this applies to many others as well [I must admit that the winking eye in the left corner is rather intimidating - that's probably why we were created with two of them, so that we are doubly intimidating.]
As I'm now retired from active experimentation in the various options that life has to offer, my mind has been concentrating on the many questions that seems to arise due to the entropic tendency of asserted perceptions of others. Whenever, I discover another "wise" person who seems to have the "answers", I end up finding something in their set-up that doesn't gel with my reality or the reality that they present. One major element that these "false prophets" seem to have in common is the Paypal emblem carefully and conspicuously displayed on suitable pages of their web sites and newsletters.

Make no mistake, I do not begrudge anybody making a living, but trying to inform the world of humanity-impacting information, that will lead to a new awakened human being; a new spiritual reality, and having to pay to partake in this exclusivity, makes no sense to me. It is like this lady who has been sent by the Source itself (side stepping everything in between), to assist humankind in the coming (re)awakening. The only problem is that the Source forgot to give her a credit card and a suitable balance to maintain her. Thus, donation are needed (amount specified and Paypal icon conspicuous in the corner of the page.) That is a source not to be trusted.
One reason I found this blog is partly due to me being banned from Zeta-Talk. You see, I rarely contribute in blogs, as I'm too busy reading and digesting what others have to say. But, where I always thought Zeta-Talk to be free from the donation-obsession, I recently found the page where one may buy virtual gifts to give to co-bloggers (of course via Paypal). So the Zeta folk have appointed this lady to announce calamities to the world but they have again forgotten to provide her with pocket money, and it's not if they can't reach their pockets with those long arms...
Now, that is pure mean but I'm tolerant of them little buggers. However, last week they, for the 4th time, had indicated that Obama would probably [93% probability] announce to the world the arrival (soon) of Planet X, and then gave various excuses the following Monday why this had actually not transpired.
So, as I'm not a regular contributor to blogs, I broke my pledge of silence and explained that Planet X would (or would not) be arriving, no matter whether Obama said so or not, and was promptly banned - not a stunt I shall try here.

The lesson that I have somehow learned is that the Cosmos/Universe has subtle ways of informing one if the track one is currently walking is essentially a dead end. In my case it has been that the combination of alien-representative, channeling and Paypal does not an ascended light worker make.

Lady of Light

First, let me say hello and welcome! :)

I am very glad you decided to join this forum. This is a place for open opinion on everything as long as there are not personal attacks involved. You will NEVER be banned for stating what you think or what you feel is true or untrue. That is one of the reasons I started this forum, because the other forums were somewhat lacking in the freedom department.

I agree with you on the forcing people to donate and having to pay to post or even sign up on these websites. I don't believe that any information, especially when trying to spread truths and enlighten people, should be limited to people with money. Yes, we have an OPTION to donate, but we never push it. It is an option that is there in case anyone wishes to support the site, that is all. And our ads (which are there to support the site) only show to guests, not members. I even offer a tarot reading service which my fee is $20, but have yet to charge anyone for a reading. :) So far, I've given every reading for free! :) I don't believe in gouging people when trying to help them.

This site is here to share and spread information freely and with the world. Don't be afraid to state what you feel, you will remain a member. I don't believe in banning people just because their opinions may differ from my own. If I did, there are people who would've been banned long ago. :)

We are all learning the truth. Even those of us who channel through the information for others to benefit. I don't claim to have any of the answers, but I like to share what I receive, and I encourage others to do so as well. We can all learn from each other and hopefully in the process make this world a better place to live. :)

Again, thanks for being here! :) And thanks for sharing your story! :) :)