How To Release Your Psychic Potential - Lady of Light - July 21 2012

Lady of Light

Lady of Light
July 21, 2012

Releasing Your Inner Psychic:

Being psychic, simply put, is being completely in tune with everything around you.

Since there are many different aspects to psychic abilities, I will break them down individually as best I can. There will be abilities that I may miss, but If I do, there are techniques within the others that will apply, so you just need to read through and determine whether or not one of the sections applies to the specific ability that you are trying to achieve.

The list is in no particular order; it is just the order in which came when putting pen to paper, or rather in this case fingers to keyboard.

Sensitivity to Energy (Being a Sensitive):

This may be one of the easiest to abilities to achieve, simply because the energy is already there and being felt; it is just a matter of tuning into it and paying attention.

Have you ever walked into a room or a house where you get that “creepy” feeling? Most of us have. That creepy feeling is almost always caused by “residual energy”. Residual energy is the easiest to feel since it is always around us. Residual energy is energy that is left behind from everyone, everywhere they go. Anyone who goes into a room, into a building, leaves their energy trace or energy signature behind. This can easily be picked up by Sensitives.

To become a Sensitive, all you need to do is just sit and pay attention to the feelings that you get around you. To start, you will want to be in a quiet environment, this will help you to focus on what you “feel” instead of what you “hear”. If your environment is too noisy, it makes it difficult to focus. Earplugs are a good tool to block out outer sounds if necessary. Shut the television off, shut the radio off, turn off all phones, and other gadgets that will cause distraction. Ideally, you should be isolated from others while you sit in silence and focus on the energy that surrounds you.

The isolated room you choose to be in should be a room that is, or rather, was well used. This will aid in the process of getting in tune with those types of energy. Just remember when you DO feel this energy that there is no threat, no matter how strange and creepy it may feel. You may even feel like you are being watched; that is normal and to be expected. If you ARE feeling this, you are well on your way to becoming stronger as a psychic; you are becoming in tune with the energies that are always there.

Once you have “mastered” feeling what is constant, you can start to set that aside by accepting those energy forces and focusing more on the more erratic energy signatures. Erratic signatures come from what people tend to refer to as ghosts. The term “ghost” is a common term used to refer to any energy form that cannot be seen, or cannot be seen often, by the human eye. Ghosts are not always souls from the dead, like commonly thought. Sometimes ghosts are simply residual energy that is strong enough to take form.

After getting the hang of being a Sensitive, you can move on (if you wish) to becoming a medium.

Mediums (Communicating With “Spirits):

This step should only be taken if you are at Sensitive level. (See above.)

Mediumship is when you can communicate with energy beings that are around you. Since there are many forms of energy beings, this can be a very large undertaking, but well worth it just the same. A Medium is just that, medium. At this level, you are the go-between between 2 realms. You are the communicator from one to the other to get messages across. Mediums can sometimes see or hear “the other side”.

The term “the other side” is pretty vague and is used to describe where the “spirits” or “souls” of the dead go; this is not accurate. It is a term used in ignorance to make things more simple for people to grasp. There is no “other side”, there is simply levels of “here”; it all deals with many different frequency levels and it just so happens that what is referred to as “the other side” is simply “the non-physical” and has many levels.

Much like when becoming a Sensitive, becoming a Medium takes focus and practice. Once you can sense the energy, you need to (in whatever way you choose that you are comfortable with) try to communicate with the energy. Ask questions; give the energy a task to show you that it is there. (Residual energies, because they are leftovers, are not generally interactive. This only works with non-residuals.) You do not need to speak out loud; thoughts will work just as well. The more you ask, the more responses you will get, and the easier it gets to communicate.

You also need to listen to every sound while communicating; note everything that you see as well. There may be stuff going on around you during this time that you may not otherwise notice. Makes notes of EVERYTHING no matter how insignificant you think it may be. Every detail is important. Pay attention and with every noise, every movement, every feeling, keep asking questions. Ask whatever pops into your mind at the time you are in your session. It will get easier the more you practice and as time goes on.


Visions are used for viewing past, present, or future and anywhere in between. With visions, you can peer into the world around you. Clairvoyance falls under this vision category.

When purposely looking into someone else’s life, you should get permission to do so first. (While this is not necessary, it is an act of courtesy to do so.)

For visions that come to you while not focused on anything in particular you cannot control what comes to you. These visions tend to come on their own. You should take those visions very seriously because they carry powerful messages that should not be ignored no matter how insignificant they may seem. Take notes.

To start with the practice for the visions, again, you are best to have a silent and peaceful environment. You want to put your full focus into this and you are not going to want to have distractions. As you perfect your ability to “see”, you will be able to do this with or without outer distraction. But, to start out, you will want a quiet secluded place. (I choose earplugs in bed before resting to sleep.)

When beginning to try for visions, you may see mere wisps of smokes, or you may see full-blown images. I cannot say what you will see upon beginning as each individual is different.

When I began with my own visions, I saw blackness with wisps of smoke within that took the form of different shapes. I could not always make out what the shapes were, but they were there nonetheless. At the time this was happening, I knew this was practice visions that didn’t mean much at the time, but they were indicative of things to come; small events that happened within weeks to signify that they were what I was supposed to see.

There’s no need to worry if such a thing happens to you. Once you grasp what you are doing and what you are seeing, then things will begin to get much clearer. You must allow yourself to focus on anything that comes into view. If you start to see something, focus on it; ask for clarity. The more you focus, the clearer your visions will become. Don’t be distraught when your visions don’t start happening right away. Patience is your best asset in this sort of undertaking. You can’t expect to have full-blown visions right off the bat. You can’t even expect to have ANY visions at first. These things take time.

In time, the visions that I received, have become as clear as real life; in full color as well. Sometimes I will get still images, but most times I receive a looped short snippet like a movie, and other times it will not loop and it is just a short step into someone’s life as if I am watching it being lived.

There is no sure thing on what kind of vision(s) you will receive. You can’t expect specifics until you have found out, through much practice and focus, what types of visions (how it’s viewed) you are prone to seeing.


To channel, you simply need to listen. Quiet, focus, and listening are essential for getting any type of messages from otherwise not heard sources. When you’ve spent enough time in silence, you can begin to hear those thoughts that do not come from yourself.

To gain clarity and receive messages about specific subjects, you simply need to think about a subject and question it; ask for it to make more sense, etc. By doing this, you can and will be given “thoughts” (most often times, but can be audible voices) about what it is you are wondering or thinking about.

I would suggest that when in this mode and the messages are coming through you use whatever method works best for you to get the messages recorded. You can use a voice recorder and speak the messages aloud; you can use a pen and paper; or you can type them onto a computer into a document. I choose the latter method and type them up as they are flowing in. By getting the messages recorded, by whatever means you choose, the messages are not lost.

Sometimes, especially when you start, the messages may not seem that important. It is normal to get small things much like with the visions. It is a practice to make sure that you are receiving the proper information. Once you have achieved a level of understanding, the messages will become more important. If you practice enough, this will come rather quickly. Be prepared as this can happen at any time, even when you are not in a silent state.


Being “psychic” comes naturally to some, but takes much practice for others. Those who are open to “becoming” psychic will have a much easier time than those who are closed off and just want to be psychic to “fit in” or for other wrong reasons. You can’t ever “become” psychic, you can only release that which is already a part of you and take advantage of those abilities that you may or may not have ever known you had. Psychic abilities are a part of a higher consciousness of energy; that which is “tapped into”. We are always a part of it, but we cannot always take part in it. Being “psychic” allows us to take part in a world in which most people do not know even exists, and if they do, they have no idea that they too can tap into it.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to simply be aware. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and become one with all that is around you. Some call this the act of meditation; that may be so, as true meditation is being one with all that is, which includes that which was and that which will be as time does not exist. Time only exists in the physical consciousness and is part of the ego, the sense of self. True meditation is not allowing the things in this world to bother you as they are all just part of the ego and that is all perception.

The more you practice the above “psychic” abilities, the more they will become a natural part of your being. You have to have the want for them to be there in order for them to come to their full potential. Your own methods of achieving the abilities in their greatest potential will become known to you along your journey. Use those methods as they are what will take you to the unknown sooner and make it become known to you. Listen to your instincts every step of the way. You will know what is best for you at any given time.


If you have any questions never hesitate to ask. I, or someone else with experience in these areas will be more than happy to try and answer your questions.