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There are tens of thousands of stargate portals all over the world. Many were built by the ancients and are better known as pyramids, stone circles, obelisks and have many other names and varience in design. This also includes cathedrals.

The knowledge of these energy devices has been long known and kept secret by many different orders and secret societies who mainly have an agenda which is to control you. Many good groups over time have risen up against this and failed but their works have never been forgotten. A classic example of this is Atlantis which I mentioned in the Holy Grail Vortex series. A more recent example of this are the Templars. The templars of old understood the inmportance of stargate technology and how it can be used to free humanity from total enslavement by opening our heart chakras and create harmony with the planet, solar system, galaxy and ultimately the entire universe. So the templars used their power to build cathedrals and design them in such away that they could open the heart chakras. Several hundred years ago they were murdered but paved a way that would allow us now to carry their legacy 'til the end.

Many secret societies, religions and powerful families of the banking kind have fought to keep your hearts closed so they built their own churches, cathedrals, war memorials, obelisks and have placed them in towns and cities so that they could control you through your chakras and hand you a version of reality which unfortunately most people gladly accepted.

In 1066 King Harold was murdered so that this system could be implemented in this very small country we call England. Small but powerfull. There are over 4,000 stonecircles in the UK. As well as Stonehenge which is a major control panel for the earth grid. Ever wondered why crop circles appear in this area? One of the reasons is due to this area being on or near the latitude line of 51 / 52 degrees which is also the angle of the heart chakra and creation angle. The angles of pyramids and obelisks are also angles of creation which are also angles of your own etheric spinning chakra cones.

Hundreds of years later we now have haarp which has many uses. The most commonly known is weather control but there is much more to this. Harrp is part of the star wars project and is an interdimensional scalar weapon amongst it's other uses. It has been used to try and stop crop circles, enhance chemtrails and yes effect your minds. It also has links to the NSA and DUMBS but for now I will not go there.
Now some good news.

You are a bioplasmic human entity therefore you are an alchemist. You have the ability to effect and change the frequency of matter through the understanding and use of subatomic energy. Change the energy and you can change the manifestation of the mass. All of these man made power points can have their frequencies raised by us and our heart chakras can remain open. Yes many urban stargates have been built for use against us but they are universal technologies, therefore if you understand them you can also use them. What would you like to do? Have you had enough? I know I have. To learn more about how we can change / re balance the planet then please watch the other videos in this vortex energy series as well as the Holy Grail Vortex series.

Evolution is moving fast and open doors are closing. We have a very good chance of evolving into galactic human consciousness.
528hz solfeggio harmonic frequencies are old school and do not fully resonate with the universe. 3, 6 and 9 do which is why the 729hz is so important. Tesla said that whomever unlocked the secrets of the numbers 3, 6 and 9 would hold the key to the universe and he was correct. We all have that chance now and the door is open. We are all responsible and we have the chance to understand. I will explain more in some upcoming videos as there's not enough room here to explain all this in detail. If you have any questions relating to what I have just written then please write them in the comments and I'll try to answer all of them, thankyou. Duncan aka Gridkeeper.

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Vortex Energy Part 25 Urban Stargates USA part 2 of 2

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