2009. The End of the Separation
Wednesday, February 18, February 18, 2009

2009. The End of the Separation

The Association of the Hearts of Humanity

Greetings from Home,


Loved ones, your journey through the experiences you have a time / space that have reached a critical crossroads. We want to talk about what you guys this year to wait.

2009 is a critical stepping stone to become the New Humanity. We are extremely excited about. You evolve and take the Earth in its entirety with you. Your evolutionary path has you worried blindfolds, to Earth to collide against each other in ignorance about your destination or where it really matters.

Now you take full responsibility, the Veil of Forgetting also thinner and will disappear. You discover that you are god, and you the same capabilities as the creative energy that you call god. Actually you have that creative capabilities any time of any day without knowing it. That will change.

The way of communicating and dealing with others go to a higher level and that takes place all over the globe. Yes, you have now a world leader who would give. Yes, he is a channel, and yes you get the chances you have to vote on your own energy to create your own reality to the next level, because the changes you have initiated.

Nine is complete.

Permits us to speak about 2009, because nine is the magic part of this year. Logically speaking, Numéro 9, the last single digit, a number of completion. This is an important date, and the fact we ask you to celebrate 09.09.09 on September 9 this year.

It is a milestone. It's just a chance to light a new way to celebrate, because the old way ends, and that is only one aspect of Completion. Loved ones, we ask you the Complete Separation celebration.

Initially, you are in the first dimension, where an integral part of God. You were part of the creator of Home because Home has no separation. Everyone is an aspect of each other. God in his infinite wisdom had been to every state except one thing ... He / she could not see himself or study because there was no contrast or polarity.

So you left the first dimension and traveled through the second dimension where you received the blueprint of duality. You contribute so far with you, because in a field of duality you only see light when there is darkness, and show you love as there is fear. You only see the contradictions in duality, and is also finished.

When you go to the next level, the field of Trialiteit for the door. The illusion was that you saw only the extremes. You only saw the greatest love and greatest fear, the highest light and the deepest darkness.

These are illusions, and because the third position, the Higher Self, the straight line of duality to a triangle is, as we Trialiteit. This triangle is the new connection with the Higher Self.

The Higher Self can observe from a different position. So are you to experience a field of Trialiteit, where light and darkness is still present, but the new position of your Higher Self will be in balance, which you will see that the line is not linear but a circle.

The triangle is the beginning of that observation. When the man just started, you had the contrast that the line you gave necessary. But now grown to a level where people no longer needed contrast to god to see. There are many areas where separation ceases to exist, but above all, the separation of the countries to disappear.

It is currently in the downward spiral began. To move to the next level to exist, the countries, communities, states and all places that you so carefully separated for yourself to see, now together as one. We tell you this because it exempts separation life for people rather difficult.

Deep Contact is the end of Separation.

We have already spoken about the profound level of contact that you are aware at any time level of the day is available. Instead of communicating with someone on one level, you can go to the core level of communication going, which you few words with another heart - and soul level communication.

This opens new possibilities. People also get in general lost their tolerance for extreme separation that currently exists. What is the good news? No more secrets on Earth, and that time! It is no bad news, right? It will be difficult for many people, because you are rather stuck in an energy You love your privacy, and your sacred space. You will never be your sacred space or lose your heritage. Those parts of yourself will always be there. Humanity will discover new compounds that the separation which was not ever require. This will happen on many fronts. Countries / nations will not cease to exist, but people who will soon 'lines in the sand' to fade.

The separation of hearts this year in order, and it is only a matter of time before Earth Earthlings are Brothers. You are on the same way as you are at home. Now that you begin to see through deep contact, that is soul contact, straight to that aspect of the other that you are, the fact that you share with each other.

The magic begins with this, because if this happens, humanity will create a unified Earth. Then the Earth's tension loose, because they absorb your energy. You are part of her like you are part of each other.

That is why you feel you so attracted to crystals. Crystals of the mineral-rich the highest frequency.

They will communicate with you if you have ears that can listen. The Earth will talk with you as you listen. People resonate with crystals rather than rocks or Element users because they are closer to your frequency.

The Earth has you on several levels is needed. There are many ways to the Earth and its restoration. It is a hype to "green" to go, and that helps her tremendously. When you need the separation of hearts to let go, you open the door to evolution at all levels.

New is not new.

We ask you to look around you and you should be aware of what is happening.

Please do not look to the news and believe what they show. Watch the news with a skeptical eye and ask you what is not shown! Watch the news from a higher perspective, and take the bigger picture where. Please realize that news is not new.

It will only report on events that have taken place. Keep the bigger picture in mind and leave you not with doomsday scenarios and how bad it is. You will first change your own reality and everything around you changing.

Of course there will be fear, that is in the nature of man. Applies only fear what you unknown, and if you fill gap may be that you can not see what you like. There will be fear, because many people feel that their security and privacy lost.

People will use other words to describe what happens. It is the separation of major groups, the war on this planet to produce. People believe that they are separated from each other. Who bombard you actually, yourself? Yes!

Islamic Evolution.

The year 2009 will bring changes in many areas. We have difficulty with the word religion, precisely because that word implies a members separation that does not exist. Separation is a human illusion.

2009 will bring changes in the Arab world. Arabs and believers in Islam are now in the minds of all people on Earth. It happened, as with most changes through conflict. Soon those who hate have promoted and invested in the conflict will fail.

When that happens, there are great opportunities for unit. We ask you to study, try to look, what really made sense, because those differences are blurred every day, and fear can only disappear through knowledge.

We ask you to look at the Koran or Islam to "Google." Look at the similarities instead of differences.

And when these changes occur, you can support them. A new generation is on the threshold, make space for, and this time, the separation at the end. It is part of the process, and is a preparation for the great year 2012 that we are waiting.

For the birth of the New Earth, dears, the separation disappear, and now it's time to look into your heart and feel the connection in place of contrast. NOW is the time where you can make the difference.
Flexible belief systems are not 'BS'.

We would like you to all corners of Earth, and it resides in people's homes so that you would see that their lives and that you are almost identical.

Belief systems we call BS. While the evolution of humanity progresses, will be flexible belief systems / beliefs support unit, where rigid beliefs only supports secession. Since the separation blurs this year, do you see how your beliefs limit you to find home on Earth.

Let your heart and your mind open to possibilities that humanity has never seen. The magic of the New Planet Earth is about to reveal.

The birth of the New Earth and the New Humanity is only possible if the Earth is born again. And that is not loved in the program of 2012 which is designed for 2010.

The separation that you keep separate, the separation of hearts, must be stopped, for this to happen, and we are very grateful for your attention to it. You understand our position in respect of you not, and wish the veil, if only for a moment, to move aside so that you yourself can see by our eyes.

You should never doubt yourself as you could see what we see. You were always proud to walk around, you would always be the Light of Home just over your shoulder walking. How you can also contact or times, the light would always be there to make your way easier. You can not fail. That you should know. It is not possible to fail, because you are God, and God will not fail.

Our goal is nothing more than spread our wings to listen to people to reflect. Our goal is to help you to remind you who you really are, and that can only if you start with the release of the separation between the worlds va Earth.

The separation end initiates the First Contact.

We tell you that there is something very quickly made. It is only a matter of years before other entities from other empires on Earth to come. They have always been in other dimensions. You call them ET's. They are just creatures from other games.

We do not like to disappoint you, but you are not the only game in this universe. Yes, you have to change everything, and all eyes are focused on the Earth and the Earth beings, because you have the Game of free choice on your gnomes, and you have increased your frequency so that you can start to remember ...

It is within this context has never happened. That is why all eyes in this universe and the creatures of the Earth direction.

You think that you yourself are entirely appropriate, you do not feel supported and you can not remember who you really are, but you have not the foggiest awareness that there are billions of things you watch and stand behind you. And you make you concerned about privacy ... you wouldn 's need to know!
Parental Variety will help.

Many of these creatures come from your original parental breeds, including the Plejadiërs, the Siriërs, the Arcturianen, and three other races are here to help you to the next level to evolve.

They are here to help every conceivable way, because they helped to sow the Earth. They were there since the beginning. They are part of your parental varieties, and just why they come together to help you to end the separation that ever was. So most people started to observe strange things.

Multi is now possible by your progress. You begin to see that you are not a person, but that there are multiple aspects of yourself. You ask that you often wonder why things happen. Why does someone in a coma? Why can someone who wants onion steps do not leave this Earth? Why someone dies suddenly as he / she really wanted to stay alive?

It sometimes seems so pointless, but this happens because of the multi-dimensional self.

All dimensions of a soul, three things in common: the moment of birth, levensles where they work and the time of death. If all 11 dimensions are healthy and you in your own dimension, sometimes you go into a coma for the others to wait. That happens now with many people, and it will be clearer as the entities from the other games are, that other worlds, access through the multi-dimensional capabilities. You think of ET's with enormous power, advanced technologies because they can walk through walls and things done that you can not.

For those lovers, there is simply no wall! They live in a dimension where there is little or no separation exists. This is the last we'll have, because the separation between the pillars also rapidly decreasing. That anxiety may worry if you're not prepared.

You just have to watch your films, your books, your TV and you will every day more and more about multi-dimensionality see. This is done to the collective spirit of humanity implant so that you, as the start, the concepts will include

It is all about the end of separation, and you are now in the middle. That is the key we want to draw your attention. How can I 'equal' in place of separation? How can I find more agreements than differences?

We tell you that only a small shift in perception means. Many of you are so sensitive that they are afraid to do it. You think that if your separation is released, your problems of the world takes you. That you will not! The energy you spend educating another heart, you stronger than you think.

There is a collective Healing in progress and you make a very big part of it. We are days you, the Light Workers who feel connected to this family, to the sword to burial. Take the separation tools and get rid of them. Reik further and learn to know your neighbors.

You people think the country is that in battle with the land .... And what is it all about?

They have forgotten what ever the reason was, and yet there are still lives lost in that battle. War spreads itself and it is clear that people still need to learn. When you both sides of the veil to see, will you both sides of each row to see and understand that it should be resolved as a heart.

This is not good or bad, because these are illusions. These are only outer edges, dears. You will now see from a field of trialiteit. You will see that there is room for many different flavors that you will still not have noticed.

Do you understand that if you would be attacked by creatures from space, all you that you immediately connect with each other? You would all work together to save the planet. Do that now is not in opposition to something, but do it in association thing, in association with the human heart. This si the evolution taking place, and it starts this year

Back up plans have you here at the right time put down.

This is a magical time. Many of you are back up plans. Many of you do not have the parents you had hoped, because the timing of your birth criticism. Many of you have postponed your entrance so that you here at this time could be appropriate. You made it. You are the ones that the Earth will change.

You have asked and now you end all tool handles. There is technology, dears. Therefore, there is now deep contact. So are you able to the next level, and why we are so proud of you. You begin to remind you who you are, and that is everything we hoped. Now you have enough you will remember your heritage so you can know that separation does not exist. When someone embraces you, feel your heart beat as one, rather than two. Understand that this leads you to the universe and the Earth a garden, a court will be.

The planet will be the library of the universe, because everyone will come here to read how you got. All energies, all entities and all future references to other planets and other games are made, will the Earth look to find out how it was done. How you still remained embodiment and the secession ended. We are very proud of you.

We leave you with only 3 reminders. Treated each other with a large star-esteem. Feeding each other when you chance to see. Play well together.


The group.

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