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March 16, 2012


You probably don't know me. My name is ----------.

I am sending this notice to every radio host I can find on the internet, at the same instant, to make sure it gets through without being intercepted/deleted by the "wrong parties" (NSA, FBI, DHS, TSA, etc, etc). It is unnecessary for you to reply to this, though you may if you wish.

I have a little radio show I do each Sunday. Who and what I am is irrelevant. It's what I've discovered that's important to ALL of us who "have the publics' eye" (or ear).

In the past year, I've had numerous trolls posting stupid, racist, inane, insulting statements in my chatroom. Asking leading questions (IE: "what do you think of ______________?") - usually asking about another radio host or another network.

These trolls would also say things like "GAWDAM JEWS! WE GOTTA KILL'EM ALL! and WORTHLESS BLACKS - THEY NEED TO BE ON A COLLAR! You get the idea. I don't put up with that kind of racist chatter.

Then I started getting posts like "----, you ought to hear what that asshole Josh is saying about you!" and "The guys at Oracle were bitching about you" and "Alex says you're a Fed!" and "You should see what they're saying about you on __________'s chatroom!", and other reports of various hosts insulting/degrading me. And I would hear from other hosts, and their producers, the same thing was happening to them. Everyone is getting pissed at everyone else.

Seems "someone" is fomenting upset amongst all the patriot/alternative hosts on the radio - setting us against each other. They are contriving/creating statements/answers, then using parts of these answers to upset other hosts.

They are also passing rumors about various hosts on blogs/websites/chatrooms. All innuendo - no verifiable proof.

The sad thing is, that some of us are falling for this diversion. Some of us are believing that "person A said something bad against you!" and we're responding to these perceived threats and insults.

I have never granted these malicious rumors any credence. It's never mattered to me what another person thinks of me, especially if they haven't the common sense, or courage, to confront me directly.

My admins are quick to delete and ban these guys, but they just keep popping up again and again. I thought it was just the "cost of doing business".

Boy, was I wrong.

Using a few friends of mine, we started tracking their IP addresses. Seems ALL of these cretins had the same block of IP addresses, emanating out of Oxnard, California.

I don't believe in coincidences, so I had a another friend of mine in L.A. do some digging. Here's what he discovered.

The block of IP addresses is conveniently in the locale of buildings where the NSA has it's offices in Oxnard.
Read these links:

We just can't "see the forest for the trees". We (all the participants in the "Patriot Movement") are falling for this Cointelpro that's being waged against us.

THIS IS REAL - so don't fall for it, but watch for it.

If someone named John Brown, Alex Hayes, Wanda Little, or any other phoney name calls/emails/messages you; calls into your show sounding like a "dumb hick", an ignorant "Latino", a mad "gay person", or an angry "black man" - and claims ANYTHING about another host/show/website attacking you, it is a lie and done with intent to provoke a response from you. They are all government agents (or independent contractors) and work for the enemies of freedom.

DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING a third party communicates to you about another person/host/website/etc. Do the right thing and verify for yourself. Have the courage to communicate with anyone who is supposed to have slandered/threatened you and find out the truth.

In 2005, a group in Northern Idaho was infiltrated by agents of the FBI with the intent to cause upset, setup members of this group as "domestic terrorists" and to create dissension in the group. Upon discovering these COINTELPRO agents, and to protect the members of this group, I disbanded the group.

Who was this group the United States Government had labeled a "possible terrorist organization"?

Americans For Constitutional Government.

Yup - sounds like a bunch of evil-doers to me also......

We are the enemies of tyranny and "They" fear us. "They" know how to manipulate us. Don't let them. United we stand - divided we fall.

For-warned is for-armed. Believe nothing you are told - verify, verify, verify.

PLEASE pass this warning on to everyone you know who needs this data. Radio/TV hosts - bloggers - survival groups - church groups, etc.

Source: http://wideawakenewsdata.yolasite.co...ativemedia.php



I find this to be a very strange thread. Everyone should always be very careful of what they believe! In this life there is no way to know what is really true, even if you see it with you own eyes!