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Two weeks ago, Iran’s out-going president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad paid a two-day visit to Ghana which caused quite a furore. Zionist ambassador Sharon Bar-Li was the first to jump into the ring. She warned Ghana rulers to be very careful of hob-knobbing with someone who is fighting with the West and bent on “wipe Israel off the map”.

Reform Party stalwart for the Minister of Foreign Affairs rebuked the Zionist ambassador for her undiplomatic conduct in criticising Ahmadinejad’s visit. He said Israel would do well to stop its holier-than-thou attitude. If the truth be told it is the reason why the Arab world is striving to have nuclear bomb to redress the balance of terror in the Middle East. Israel has nuclear bomb and because of it, it is unreasonable in most of its dealings with the Palestinians.

At a press conference with Ahamdinejad, President John Dramani Mahama reportedly silenced critics of the visit by saying that Ghana would not curtail its long standing relationship with the people of Iran based on the whim of anyone. The statement gave out a fairly clear signal that he is not going to be a US puppet.

Ahmadinejad’s two-day visit was the last leg of his African tour, which included Benin, Niger and Ghana. It was aimed at strengthening Ghana-Iran relations, which dates back to 1974.

In welcoming Ahmadinejad, John Mahama has defied US-Israel sponsored sanctions against the Islamic Republic. The ambassadors from the US, EU and Israel bycotted presidential reception in honor of Ahmadinejad who also heads 120-nations NAM organization. During his stay in Ghana, Ahmadinejad held bilateral talks and signed agreements for cooperation in education, agriculture, tourism, youth and sports.

Muslims in Ghana account for more than 30% of country’s population of 25 million. Among major problems facing Muslim community in Ghana are the penetration of the Zionist influence, the sectarianism, pro-Israel Qadianis and western Christian Evangelic missions.

Dr. Ahmadinejad was the keynote speaker at the Islamic University College of Accra-Ghana which was established in 1988 by Iran’s Ahlul Bait Foundation. Watch video below.

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