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Two years ago, the disgraced Israel-Firster media tycoon, Rupert Murdoch, was honored by one of America’s top Israel lobby groups, ADL, for his “stalwart support of Israel and his commitment to promoting respect and speaking out against anti-Semitism”.

Christopher Bollyn claimed in 2003 that Murdoch has Zionist Jewish family roots and he had prior knowledge of 9/11.

On Friday, former British prime minister Tony Blair’s ex-communications director, Alastair Campbell claimed in his diaries published by British daily The Guardian – that Murdoch called Blair on March 11, 2003 – eight days before US invasion of Iraq – urging him not to do anything that could delay the start of the invasion (for Israel).

Campbell said that Murdoch had pledged that News International — the division which runs his British newspapers — would support Britain if it backed the United States on the issue.

Blair recently admitted in testimony before Britain’s media ethics inquiry that Murdoch had phoned him three times during the run-up to the war.

Murdoch previously told the Leveson inquiry: “I’ve never asked a prime minister for anything“. No Kidding!!

Campbell’s disclosure of Murdoch’s intervention on the eve of the Iraq war is the second substantive example to raise questions over the News Corp chairman’s claim that he never tried to influence any prime minister. John Major told Leveson on Tuesday that Murdoch told him in February 1997, three months before the general election, that he would withdraw support for the Tories unless the then prime minister changed his policies on Europe.

Major told the inquiry: “If we couldn’t change our European policies, his papers could not and would not support the Conservative government.”

Alastair Campbell has made those allegations against Murdoch in the latest volume of his diaries, ‘The Burden Of Power, Countdown To Iraq‘.

Alastair Campbell: ‘Murdoch pushed Blair into Iraq War’ | Rehmat's World