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United Nations False-Flag Terror Attack Planned For New York City? « Truther.Org

by David Chase Taylor

Well, well this could be where the idea of World War 111 starting on Sept 25th. I have mixed feelings on this. First you would think that maybe if the scenario pans out it would happen then two days.

But then I'm no war strategist. I have no idea how long it takes them to say ready, set, go!

SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Just two days after the failed 2012 DNC Terror Plot, potentially the most high profile UN meeting ever was scheduled for September 26, 2012, in New York City. The meeting date also falls on Yom Kippur which completes the annual period known in Judaism as the Yamim Nora’im or “Days of Awe”. Historically, events involving U.S., Israeli and Iranian presidents are scheduled months in advance, but not this time

Given the current geopolitical climate, there is a real possibility that the United Nations’ World Headquarters in New York City, which is currently “under construction”, may be the site of a major false-flag terror attack. The motives for a UN terror attack would be multifaceted in that it would garner support for Obama at home, potentially create a reason to suspend the 2012 U.S. presidential election, create unprecedented racial and religious turmoil in the Middle East and give the United Nations a reason to move their World Headquarters to Geneva, Switzerland. Based on its location, convenient construction and terror drills, a high profile 9/11 style attack (plane into building, building comes down) on the UN building may be planned.


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Well, this i'm sure was one of many scenarios they have had in store over the years. and once again, has fallen through. They have been planning for a WWIII for quite a while now from what I gather and there has never been the right time where people will actually go for it. That's good, we're wising up to the BS of it all. Unfortunately there are still those willing to "fight for their country", unfortunately those people don't realize that they are not fighting for their freedoms but they are conquering and dominating other nations and that would put them on the offense, not the defense.

It's all lies that everyone is being fed. Even the so-called "truth" is filled with lies and disinformation. Done so on purpose so that no one will know what is truly going on and it keep everyone confused, especially those who seek the truth.

I guess I just got into a ramble there, sorry, but sometimes things just need to be said and I haven't been on for a while, so it kinda gets pent up, lol. :)


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Yes, I know, so many lives gone needlessly.

Our respective politicians are doing a good job of having them gone in vain.

I guess they just have not had the right enough conditions yet to pull it completely off.