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One third will refuse to inoculate their children

Steve Watson
Thursday, Oct 8, 2009

A new scientific poll has found that a whopping 72% of parents in America have reservations over the safety of the H1N1 vaccine.​

Results of the Associated Press-GfK poll reveal that more than one third (38%) will refuse to get their children vaccinated in clinics or at schools because they feel the vaccine is too new and too untested.​

While some parents said they oppose the vaccine because swine flu doesn’t amount to any greater health threat than seasonal flu, others cited concerns that flu vaccinations are known to cause the paralyzing nerve condition Guillain-Barre syndrome.​

Some also voiced worries over the mercury-based preservative thimerosal, which has been used in around 60% of the 225 million swine flu doses ordered for Americans.​

Some scientists have testified that the preservative can cause brain disorders such as autism.​

Some autism watchdogs share the concerns over the H1N1 vaccine, and have said that the hype surrounding the virus is unnecessary.​

“We’re flipping out over swine flu, but it’s only affected a few thousand people. Why isn’t somebody freaking out about the autism epidemic?” Wendy Fournier, president of the National Autism Association told the AP.

The AP-GfK poll was based on a nationally representative sample of 1,003 adults age 18 or older.​

Other recent polls have revealed a similar trend with only one third of adults saying they trust the safety of the vaccine, and two thirds of parents saying they would either refuse the vaccine outright or wait for more information before considering vaccinating their children.​