Be moribund boy (8) Nevertheless cure


Be moribund boy (8) Nevertheless cure
Thursday, February 12, 2009

Miraculous healings, they continue to enjoy about it!

It was the 8-year-old Reuben Grainger-Mead from West Yorkshire. He had a rare blood disorder. So rare that there is no name for it. Doctors did not know how they could cure him and gave him more than 2 years. But his parents did not, so I read in De Telegraaf. A search, including the Internet, led to food supplements that their son is back on top helped.

Reuben was 2 years ago a sick and weak little boy, whose condition, according to doctors could be best compared with a constant hangover "thanks to the food he refurbished rapidly. The boy is now as big as his listed age Otjes and the content of red blood cells - the first was too low - is now even higher than normal.

Medical experts are facing a riddle and speak of a possible breakthrough in fighting certain forms of (blood) cancer. But they also warn of too much optimism.

More research is needed to find other cancer patients could benefit from the treatment of Reuben.