Beck Teams Up With Extremists And Lobbyists To Exploit 9/11 With Anti-Obama March


Glenn Beck, who has previously said he hates the families of 9/11 victims, is now using the day to make political hay for his 9/12 anti-Obama march. As Think Progress reports: "This Saturday, right-wing protesters will gather in Washington DC for a march to oppose health reform and President Obama. The event, scheduled intentionally on September 12 to coincide with the anniversary of the day following the September 11 terrorist attacks, was conceived largely by Fox News’ Glenn Beck. However, most of the day-to-day organizing has been orchestrated by a now familiar set of lobbyists and Republican operatives who helped plan anti-Obama 'grassroots' tea party events since February. In addition, a set of far-right groups are supporting the event, bringing along their members to join in on the Obama-bashing." Noting that many of the groups involved worked on the tea party and town hall protests, Think Progress also found, "For the 9/12 march, there appears to be a shift towards a more radical coalition. The official sponsorship list reveals a subterranean, extreme element of the American right in attendance." More details at Think Progress.