Lady of Light

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has accused Prince Charles of “screwing” the government by interfering in the country's sensitive politics, Alastair Campbell reveals.

Campbell, former No 10 communications director, revealed that Blair has blamed Prince of Wales for too much meddling in the government policies, believing Prince Charles has sometimes overstepped the legal boundaries, historically respected by the members of the royal family.

In an extract of his diaries, Campell wrote that Blair was angered at Prince's interference, and has once privately accused the prince of “screwing” the government.

The Labour leader was mostly annoyed by the Prince's intervention in foxhunting ban, foot and mouth crisis, GM foods, and the abolition of hereditary peers.

Blair's rising concerns forced him to talk to the Queen, since the heir to the throne had even demonstrated signs of condemning the government.

“While publicly we stayed supportive, TB said Charles had to understand there were limits to the extent to which they could play politics with him. It was 90 minutes of pretty hard talk, not just about hunting,” Campbell wrote about the meeting between Blair and Prince Charles after a day of foxhunting.

He also wrote that Blair was exasperated when the Prince made his "deeply unhelpful interventions” during the period of foot and mouth crisis in 2001. “TB said he knew exactly what he was doing. He also asked whether Charles had ever considered help when 6,000 jobs were lost at Corus [the steel manufacturer].”

“He said this was all about screwing us and trying to get up the message that we weren't generous enough to the farmers."

Campbell revealed that Prince Charles's media operation had irritated the Blair team.

"Tony Blair valued their regular private conversations and respects Prince Charles's right to speak up on important issues. But this was a period when it seemed Charles's media team was proactively and publicly setting them at odds on some of the government's most difficult issues - not just hunting, where the differences were well known, but GM food, China, and agriculture.” source