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On the eve of the Holocaust Memorial Day, the British weekly, The Sunday Times, irked the Jewish groups for posting a cartoon depicting large-nozed Benjamin Netanyahu hunched over a wall building with blood and limbs of writhing Palestinians in pain (See the cartoon on top left).

The caption beneath the cartoon said: “Israeli election: will cementing peace continue?” In my earlier post, I predicted that Netanyahu would bring a worse four-year of horor for the US and the Middle East. Read the post here.

The Jewish lobby groups immediately snapped “antisemite” title on the cartoonist, Gerald Scarfe and the weekly newspaper. The paper’s management, however, defended cartoonist’s rights under ‘freedom of press’ by saying: “This is a typical robust cartoon by Gerald Scarfe. The Sunday Times firmly believes that it’s not antisemitic. It’s aimed squarely at Netanyahu and his policies, not at Israel, let alone at Jewish people“. You can visit Gerald’s website here.

Michael Salberg, director of Israel lobby group ADL slammed the Sunday Times, by stating: “There is nothing subtle about the caricatured image of prime minister Netanyahu using Palestinians and their blood to build a wall to protect Israelis“.

Some Israel Hasbara outlets like,’HonestReporting‘, have called the revival of Europe’s old fashioned Blood Libel against some Jewish cults who kidnapped and killed Christian children for Jewish rituals. Italian Jewish historian, professor Ariel Toaff (University of Bar IIan, Tel Aviv) in his book, ‘The Bloody Passovers‘ has supported the allegations against the Jews.

Gerald Scarfe is the latest victim of Zionist propagandists who don’t see such true depictions of Israel’s Zionazi policies as anti-Israel or anti-Zionist – but as hatred toward the Jewish people. Last month, the Wiesenthal Center had put Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff at third place in its annual list of top ten antisemitic slurs. The other famous victim of Zionists’ slander was Australian-born prize-winning cartoonist Pat Oliphant for depicting a Nazi-like soldier going after innocent civilian in Gaza in 2009 – published by the Jewish-owned Washington Post.

Incidently, on Friday, former French president, Crypto-Jewish Nicolas Sarkozy, during his speech at United Israel Appeal fundraising dinner in Davos – also urged the international community to apply pressure on the Zionist regime in order to establish an independent, viable and sovereign Palestinian state. “Israel has surrounded herself with walls of Jericho. It will be necessary to bring down the walls in order to save her,” reported Israeli daily Maariv.

The Sunday Times (founded in 1821) is Britain’s largest-selling national weekly paper. It’s owned by Israel-Firster billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s News International since 1981

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