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The British National Archives released last week, contains an intelligence report dated April 30, 1948 – two weeks before David Ben Gurion unilaterally declared the establishment of Israel. In the report, Sir Alan Cunningham, the last High Commissionar of the British Mandate authority in Palestine, wrote to his superiors that the Jewish militant groups (Irgun, Stern Gang, Haganah, Lehi and others) terrorizing the native Palestinian population, “their broadcasts, both in content and in manner of delivery, are remarkably like those of Nazi Germany“.

In another report, Cunningham wrote that the European Jews were ready to declare a state over Arab land and “all-out offenseive” with “all the equipment of a totalitarian regime”. The papers include mention of Jewish attacks against British and Arabs, together with frequent references to Jewish “terrorists”.

One week before the British forces suddenly departed from Palestine, Cunningham wrote: “All the ingredients of a successful truce were present”. However, like today, Zionist Jews never wanted to live in peace with the native Muslims and Christians.

In one dispatch, an account is given of the massacre at the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin. In it, Cunningham wrote that 250 people were killed, with the attack “accompanied by every circumstance of savagery. Women and children were stripped, lined up, photographed and then slaughtered.”

Archives claims that armed Jewish militias expelled Arabs using home demolitions, massacres, rape, beatings, bombings and widespread threats of terror. Some 300,000 were expelled before Israel declared itself an independent state in May 1948. Another 400,000 Palestinians were driven out or simply fled in the fighting that ensued. There are approximately 9 million Palestinians today, with 5 million still living as refugees in neighboring Arab countries as well as in the Israeli Occupied Palestinian Territories. After 65 years of dead-end peace initiatives, the native Palestinians are frustrated and don’t see Israelis accepting an independent and sovereign Palestinian state over pre-1967 borders.

On December 4, 1948, Abert Einstein and 27 other Jewish scholars sent a letter to the New York Times calling Irgun lead by former Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin – a terrorist, Nazi, Facist and Jewish chauvinist group.

Gerald Kaufman, a Jewish journalist wrote in The Guardian on July 12, 2004: “Economic sanctions and an arms ban against Israel are the only way of breaking the impasse. Such a policy brought down apartheid in South Africa, which was similarly condemned by the world court in 1971 for its illegal occupation of South West Africa (now free and democratic Namibia). It was sanctions imposed by a President Bush (the incumbent’s markedly more sensible and principled father) that forced a rightwing Israeli prime minister, Yitzhak Shamir, to peace talks in Madrid after Bush suspended $10bn of loan guarantees for resettling Russian immigrants in Israel.”

The western puppets at the Arab League have once again thrown the Palestinian people under the bus. In its new proposal, the Arab League has backed-down from its 2002 initiative offering Arab countries’ recognition of the Jewish occupation of Palestine in exchange for Israel’s withdrawal from all Arab land it occupied in 1967. Last week, the Arab League sweetened its offer for Israel by agreeing that the final borders between the Zionist entity and the future Palestinian state could be drawn through mutually agreed land swaps.

The US secretary of state, John Kerry (with Jewish family roots), Zionist minister of justice Tzipi Livni and UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon have welcomed Arab League’s new offer – calling it “very big step forward”. However, Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that any peace deal on his watch would be subject to national referendum – meaning the offer is not sweetening enough as according to a recent poll, 90% of Israeli jews prefer Israel to be an apartheid state.

British Archives: “Zionists were Terrorists, Nazis and Savages” | Rehmat's World