N. Korea to Netanyahu: “Israel is a Cancer”


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Yesterday, diplomats at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) watch the disgusting replay of the drama from Book of Esther. Benjamin Netanyahu played the part of Haman, the former Jewish prime minister of Persia. He called for the new Holocaust of Iranian people. Over 2,000 years ago, Haman committed the murder of 72,000 non-Jewish Iranian subjects of King Ahasuerus.

Netanyahu repeated his 2012 anti-Iran speech less the ‘Red-Line Cartoon’. He dedicated almost 100% of his speech calling upon the US and Israel’s western allies to use military force to kill Iran’s nuclear program before the country achieves a nuclear bomb or its capability.

He began his speech by whining that “a nuclear-armed Iran seeks our destruction”. The he went after Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani by claiming, “Rouhani thinks he can have his yellowcake and eat it too”. He evoked the usual mantra of Holocaust and Antisemitism. Netanyahu’s rant was so full of lying and whining that even Barak Ravid called it “tired, bothersome and boring” in daily Haaretz.

Netanyahu had a warning for Palestinians. He demanded that they recognize Israel as “a Jewish state” before they expect Israel to make “an offer Mahmoud Abbas cannot refuse”.

Unfortunately, when Netanyahu cited North Korean example as a warning of what happens if the West is not keeping military option on the table against the nations which are pursuing for nuclear capability – the North Korean envoy, Sin Son-ho, could not take Netanyahu’s whining anymore. He stood up and told Netanyahu: “Israel is a cancer in the Middle East. It’s disturbing the peace and security, shifting blame to all other countries in the region“. Read my earlier posts on North Korea here and here.

North Korean envoy is not the first person to call Israel “a cancer”. In October 2012, Irish TV3 broadcaster, Vincent Browne was quoted saying: “Israel is the cancer in foreign affairs. It polarises the Islamic community of the world against the rest of the world. Unless you deal with the problem of Israel and Palestinians in that part of the world, there is going to be conflict and disharmony. It’s a massive injustice – (Jews) they stole the land from Arabs“.

Naturally, the Jewish Lobby demanded an apology from Browne. “What I resent is the suggestion that because you’re critical of Israel, you’re automatically antisemitic. I don’t think that’s acceptable,” he responded to his Jewish critics.

On February 25, 2013, British MP George Galloway, also called aparthied Israel a cancer on Facebook. “Apartheid Israel is a cancer at the heart of the middle-east. Only it’s replacement by a bi-national democratic state from the Jordan River to the sea will cure this. That is what I am fighting for,” wrote Galloway.

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