British parents can lose custody when questioning about child vaccinations

Friday, September 11, 2009


Parents in England may lose custody of their children if they are questioning the diagnosis of doctors and / or medical treatments, including vaccinations. Example: The mother of a 13 year old girl who became partially paralyzed after a vaccination against cervical cancer, news received from social workers said that her child will be taken away from her as she continues to say her daughter's paralysis was attributed to the vaccination.

The 13 year old Ashleigh Cave from Liverpool, in October last year after she was vaccinated with Cervarix against cervical cancer, after half hour of dizziness and severe headaches. Soon afterwards she began regularly to collapse, they lost control of her legs and was subsequently sent to a children's hospital. Now, almost 11 months later, she is still there, and she can not walk or stand unaided.
The doctors have been told that her mother Cheryl Ashleigh's condition is psychosomatic. In other words, it is "between her ears. "The hospital has enabled social workers who have told me that they consider Ashleigh on a risk list," says Cheryl, who is convinced that the paralysis of her daughter due to the vaccination against cervical cancer.
Cheryl Cave also said that a social worker thinks that they themselves Munchhausen's syndrome byproxy, or "factitious illness syndrome", where mothers falsely their sick children "make" to get attention. "I was told that I should cease to believe that vaccination has something to do with Ashleigh's condition, because I had it would affect her recovery and it would stop. But since Ashleigh is in the hospital she became incontinent and she got infections in both her kidneys and her chest. I sometimes want to give up? "
In the second example, all six children of a couple taken from their parents after the couple the need for an intrusive medical tests in their oldest daughter was challenged. The doctors, who suspected that they might have a blood disorder, called the assistance of social service in order to obtain an emergency protective order, although it was subsequently determined that the girl suffered the blood disease. Yet the parents 'unstable' assessed, and their children were taken away from them.
In the third case, accused the 49-year-old Gavin Langley Melvilina the city of Birmingham due to a wrong geconstueerde facility, her and her terminally ill son Omar, who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy the disease and therefore in a wheelchair, poor access to bathroom. This forced her son continually lifting him up the stairs to wash, something she jumped from a hernia and that she therefore could not sustain.
The conclusion of the council was extremely cold: because the woman by the hernia's terminally ill son could not lift the stairs, she threatened him with her away and somewhere else to seek treatment. "They did so only because they did not like that I undertook legal action against them." This was a spokesman of the municipality confirmed Birmingham, although there was said that social workers felt that the best Omar could stay with his mother.

In the context of the forthcoming, according to many indications may be forced against the Mexican flu vaccinations will be clear why this article I consider relevant. There is also important in the Netherlands this year started with the vaccination of girls of 12 years against cervical cancer (HPV vaccine, in one years time x 3 should be administered at about 380,000 girls). There is much criticism of this vaccine, because it was insufficiently tested and it is not clear whether the health risks outweigh the supposed benefits of the vaccine.

Original Source: Times Online | News and Views from The Times and Sunday Times

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