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Dave Bertrand
News That Matters
Friday, August 27, 2010

Citizens across the country are quite aware of the bogus attempts to justify the toxic waste that is manually added to tap water. Calcium Fluoride is a natural occurrence and Sodium Fluoride is the toxic waste that became a big money maker during the 50’s when waste deposits (Labeled dangerous by the EPA) began showing up in city water.

This deceptive practice continues today, but citizens are demanding answers from city officials.

During the Germany NAZI reign, the German scientists discovered that sodium fluoride could cause a low level form of lobotomy characteristics in their victims. The dumbing-down of the population, from birth, is a weapon used by governments in-order to make people passive and apathetic. To further that concept strategy, the American Dental Association promotes low dosage for better teeth, but yet a danger label on toothpaste warns of death. One toothbrush length of toothpaste can kill a child, and it’s not the paste substance that may poison them, but the sodium fluoride.

Rat poison is a by product of sodium fluoride, and it is used to kill roaches, crickets, water bugs and silverfish.

This forced medication of our children has lasting affects that may be connected to the lower I.Q.’s and the recent concern by parents as to why their kids are showing on-going behavioral problems, which are now masked by psychotropic drugs. Continued use of drinking tap water with fluoride and the use of fluoride tainted toothpaste is evident of fluoridation of teeth, which many teens are showing signs of white/pearl discoloration differences. AS far as I have seen, there is no proof that low amounts of sodium fluoride has prevented decay. (Sodium vs. Calcium) Kids still show-up everyday at the dentist office with cavities, and the “baby boomers” are having to replace all their teeth with nice white teeth, both…a booming business for dentist. Did those fluoride cleanings help? I doubt it and the proof is out there.

The concept that tap water is naturally fluoridated is not the problem. Calcium fluoride (erosion of natural deposits) is not considered a toxic waste by the EPA.

Sodium fluoride is added to drinking water (in addition to calcium fluoride) for a specific purpose that started in the early 50’s. It is both financially motivated and strategically used as a weapon on the masses. How some of us survived and are speaking-out is beyond me, but like most things….some people are affected more than others.

One example…look at those that voted for Obama! They’re the same ones that will tell you that sodium fluoride (toxic waste) is good for you, or that SUV’s and cow flatulence is causing global warming! Their comrades believe that! The latest slogan by these out-of-touch individuals concerning the use of sodium fluoride is now…”It won’t hurt you in small amounts.” Neither will alcohol, but would you approve tainting the water with Jack Daniels? Don’t answer that !!

Read what is happening with the fluoride debate in Wichita. Notice the water report showing the deception of not specifying the type of fluoride being manually added to those unsuspecting citizens. The S.O.B.’s in city government, water departments that allow fluoride to be dumped in your water, should be hanged (after a fair hearing of course).

Remember, they know not what they do, because they consume their own toxic waste. China is now shipping their sodium fluoride waste to the United States (at premium prices), packets that are not marked, “A waste product of China.”

The dude that stood in front of that tank in Tiananmen Square, was not drinking the fluoride, or he was fluoridated, like a deer that stops in the middle of the road, staring at your headlights. Which are you?

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