Can you trust what you see? Be warned of Digital Deception!


"You must see this! Does this make you wonder how much footage from prominent world events is fake? How much fake news are we fed? Dictators, terrorists, riots, revolution beamed into our living rooms as part of on-going psychological warfare against the masses? Is this a conventional war of tanks and guns and bombs in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya or is it really all part of a sustained psychological war on the minds of every single person on the planet?"



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Re: Be warned of Digital Deception ;)

Thanks for the post. I knew that they faked most things in movies and tv shows, but I didn't realize how much. It really puts it into perspective how much we see is actually faked. This is just another prime example of "don't believe everything you see on tv". I'm sure a lot of our news broadcasts are faked in the same way. Not just large events like the twin towers and such for example, but smaller events that are not national or international news. It just makes you not want to believe ANYTHING that you see.

thank you for opening my eyes that much more. I'll admit, i get distracted and am still a little blinded at times, but I do look and I do wake up that much more when I am told i'm asleep, as with this video.


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It's hared to tell whats real anymore and whats faked these days. Weith all the holographic technology out there can you really believe whats in front of your own eyes? tv is so fony that i don't believe anything on it anymore. I like these vids it shows how much we're tricked.