Bibi: ‘Why Democrats don’t trust me on Rouhani?’


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On August 12, 2013, Israeli Hasbara dude, Ron Kampeas whined at Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) website that despite Israeli prime minister Netanyahu several warnings, many senior pro-Israel Democratic leaders don’t believe in Netanyahu’s anti-Rouhani rhetoric.

“In increasingly strident tones, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been telling his American friends that the purported moderation of Iran’s new president is a ploy aimed at relieving international pressure and buying the Islamic Republic more time to cross the nuclear threshold. But in ways, both subtle and direct, some of those friends – among them some of Israel’s closet allies in Washington – are saying that maybe Hassan Rouhani is worth hearing out,” says Kampeas.

According to Kampeas this was the message delivered to Netanyahu by Rep. Steny Hoyer, House Democratic Whip, during his 13th visit to Tel Aviv earlier this month. He was accompanied by 37 other Israeli poodles in the Congress. Their Israeli tour was fully paid by the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), hasbara arm of AIPAC.

According to Israeli daily Haaretz, following in the footsteps of Hoyer, Rep. Eric Cantor (Jewish) along with 26 GOP Israeli poodles, will be ascending over Holy Land, to assure Israeli leaders that Washington will never allow Iran to poses a nuclear bomb to challenge Israel’s 240 nuclear bombs. AIEF is paying for their Israeli pilgrimage too.

Last week, 131 Congressmen sent a letter to Obama asking him to opt for diplomatic channel with Iran’s new government. However, at the same time a majority of them voted for new “crippling sanctions, HR-850″ against Iranian people. However, 20 lawmakers stood up to the Jewish Lobby by saying: “Not anymore”. Reps. Jim McDermott, Keith Ellison, Jim McGovern, Jim Moran, Earl Blumenauer, David Price, Bett McCollum, Eddi Bernice Johnson, John Conyers, Justin Amash, Andre Carson, Donna Edwards, Paul Grijalva, Walter Jones, Barbara Lee, Thomas Massie, George Miller, Beto O’Rourke, Donald Pyne, Pete Visclosky and Maxine Waters. You can see these patriotic and moral US lawmakers and their reasons for not selling their souls to the Devil, here.

Would Netanyahu come out of ‘Iranophobia’ if Rouhani comes out clean over country’s nuclear program? Of course NOT, says Maysam Behravesh, a Ph.D candidate at Lund University (Sweden). In an article, entitled ‘Why Israel is Obssessed with an Iranian Bomb’, he claims that “even if the Iranians were to dismantle their nuclear initiative once and for all – as Libya did under Muammar Qaddafi in late 2003 – Israel still might not be satisfied.” He also adds “Saddam Husein and Qaddafi would probably still be ruling Iraq and Libya, respectively, had they possessed an atomic device or two – a fact that is not lost on Israeli leaders when they contemplate their arch foe’s alleged nuclear endeavors“. Read the article in full, here.

Many supporters of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, including myself – honestly believe that Tehran MUST acquire atleast one or two nuclear bombs as deterrent to put a ‘Duct Tape’ over warmongering Zionist mouths.

Dr. Kayhan Barzegar, a senior research fellow at Tehran’s Center for Strategic Research (CSR), says only a strong Iran will look after its national and interests of its regional allies (Hizbullah, Hamas, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan) during talks with the United States.

And finally a wake-up call for president Hassan Rouhani from an American Jewish writer, Stephen Lendman, who knows Israeli Jewish mindset very well. “At issue is Syria, Hizbullah, Iran and Hamas. Israel wants all regional rivals removed. It’s part of its Greater Middle East agenda. It’s willing to wage regional war,” he posted on his blog on June 24, 2013.

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