Canada: ‘Say no to antisemitism, support Israel’


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Opposing views expressed by two Jewish Canadians this week.

Bernie M. Farber, former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC), an Israeli advocacy group, wrote a column in the Toronto Star on August 15, 2013 claiming that Torontonian still carry their hatred toward Jews after the Christie Pits Park Jew-bashing 80 years ago.

“Today’s antisemitism seems to find expression more from the likes of Islamic terrorists and Israel-haters,” wrote Farber.

Early this week, a swastika sign was found at a Golf Club, located in the pre-dominantly Jewish Richmond Hill (Toronto). Every major city newspaper (The Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Sun, City News, etc.) has condemned the incident while known pro-Israel columnists have cried foul all over Canadian media.

The Montreal-based Yves Engler, a Jewish author, blogger and human rights activist, posted an article at his blog, entitled ‘Morality be damned in Canada’s support for Israel‘ on August 14, 2013. Engler says that Stephen Harper government has patted itself for campaigning European Union’s recent move to blacklist Hizbullah’s military wing. He also explains how it’s kosher under Harper government to allow Canadian Jewish individuals and organizations to fund and train young Jews for the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) – but Palestinian and Muslim charitable groups are not allowed to send money to the victims of IOF in Gaza, the West Bank or Lebanon.

“Canadian diplomats held bilateral talks with various European countries and also pushed for Hizbullah to be listed at numerous multilateral meetings. At both a recent United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime meeting and a UN conference on radicalization in Europe, Canadian officials pressed key EU officials to define Hizballah as a “terrorist” group,” said Engler.

In response to the EU listing its military wing as a terrorist group the Hizbullah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, said: “Why don’t you classify the state of Israel as a terror state? Why don’t you classify Israel’s military wing – as a terror organization if you recognize Israel is occupying Arab lands and refuses to implement international decisions for decades now? The entire world bares witness to the massacres perpetrated by Israel.”

“The Israeli military and its allies in Lebanon have killed thousands of civilians. In fact, Hizballah was created in large part to fight the Israeli occupation of that country. Israel has conducted scores of targeted assassinations in many countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East,” said Engler.

“Though they are allowed to support the Israeli military, Canadians can go to jail for sending money to a group operating a school or medical clinic in Lebanon “directly or indirectly” associated with Hizballah, which comprises an important part of the Lebanese governmental and social service structure,” said Engler.

“Dozens of Canadian companies sell to the Israeli army and many groups with charitable status promote the Israeli military. The Canadian Jewish News is full of advertisements for such groups: “Express your Zionism by serving as a civilian volunteer on an Israeli army supply base,” reads one ad. Another advertiser, the Libi Fund, runs educational projects for the Israeli military,” adds Engler.

Prominent Toronto couple Heather Reisman and Gerry Schwartz, who own or control more than two thirds of Chapters, Indigo and Coles bookstores, created the Heseg Foundation for Lone Soldiers which has several Israeli army and Mossad officials as board of directors. Reisman and Schwartz provide up to $3 million per year for post-military scholarships to individuals without family in Israel who join the Israeli army. After completing their military service these non-Israeli “lone soldiers” gain access to this scholarship money.

“The Harper government is plowing full steam ahead with its support for Israel. Double standards and morality be damned,” concluded Engler.

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