Syrian rebels may gas Israeli Jews


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Russian media has claimed that Western-backed Syrian rebels are blackmailing the western countries by threatening to fire chamical weapons at Israel from Syrian territory under their control in order to force western powers to attack Syria.

Naturally, both the rebels and the Zionist regime will blame Syria for gassing Israel Jews. This will Netanyahu a kosher excuse to attack Syrian targets as it has done in the past. The response from Syria and its ally Hizbullah will be swift. This would draw the US, Britain, France and Germany on the side of Israel – and that’s what Netanyahu wants.

“One can only imagine the torrent of propaganda that would burst forth from the Western media invoking “gassed Jews” and the 21st Century “Hitler” Bashar al-Assad – right around the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks,” said Tony Cartalucci at the ‘Land Destroyer Report’ on September 10, 2013.

As before, Israel most probably, would provide chemical weapons to the rebels via a third party to be used against Israel. In fact, Israel is one of only seven states (along with Syria) , which is not signatory to the Chemical Weapon Convention.

The Zionist entity is a documented collaborator with the United States in the subversion of Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, as indicated in the extensive body of work represented by the Jewish Brookings Institution’s 2009 ‘Which Path to Persia?‘. report, and the Jewish investigative Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh’s 2007 New Yorker (March 5, 2007) article, entitled ‘The Redirection’.

I know many brainwashed Goyim and Israeli hasbara squad would say that Jews cannot support someone who intends to wipe Jews off the map – but history tells us that Jewish elites never shied away from killing fellow jews to fullfil their evil agenda.

In the 1940s, 150,000 German Jews and Jewish terrorist groups like Irgun helped Nazis to kill millions of Gypsies, Christians and Jews. Jews also served Hitlers in several capacities including his bodygaurds. Rochus Misch, who died last week, was one of Hitler’s Jewish bodyguard. Misch’s wife Brigitt Jacob-Engelken was Jewish. By the way, Misch is a Jew surname.

According to the documentary “100,000 Radiation” shown on Israeli TV in 2003, starting in 1951, the American army paid the Israeli Health Ministry to radiate children to test for side effects of radiation. An entire generation of Sephardi youths were unwittingly used as guinea pigs.

As far as the USraeli claim that Syrian army used chemical weapons against civilians, the evidence continues to mount, from within the CIA, to sources placed in Syria itself, to multiple reports on British (this article was posted to Mail Online, but later removed, but the Wayback Machine has an archive) and Russian media, and even to footage in Syria showing what could clearly be civilians (i.e. rebels) launching chemical weapon attacks, that the evidence is beginning to look very strongly that the Syrian government did not launch a chemical weapons attack on its own people. The few Congressional representatives who have looked at actual evidence say, “it proves nothing.”

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