Behemoth falls - A Sirius Communication 08Apr11
April 8th, 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Behemoth falls

I am SeRenShitha and I have very big news for your people of Earth planet. A momentous decision has been designed, made, and today carried out that will affect the entire rest of history future for Gaia. The event I speak of is one world currency destroying the enwrapped currency that the Dark Ones have used for so long to utterly destroy the morale of the people. Work, for so, so long has been used to enslave people and break the will and creativity – only to provide exorbitant horrifically selfish lifestyles for the few Dark Ones in charge. This time is over!

You will see this repercuss through the planet in a matter of days as government after government faces the music. As I sense the discomfort in my channel I will explain this via event, rather than via dates and times. Many groups over the last several years have recognized the obvious ruse in provided information – it has truly been very obvious for those without fear to look. Many groups came forth, meeting in secret to maintain privacy and anonymity in many cases; they knew the Dark Ones would understand the viable threat and take subversive action. Many leaders and kings, men and women with intelligence and wealth and perseverance and a will for something different have made group after group, knowing some would be infiltrated and destroyed, while some would remain – it has truly been an epic battle for your planet. Many of these groups have been, as now evidenced, successful in their lightwork endeavors. It is also important that I respect and recognize all you individuals – without your will and free openness of mind, your spirituality and wishes, none of this would have happened; today is a day of celebration!

The specifics of what you can expect are as follows:
A change of the United States Dollar from the grand exchangeable currency to just one of many.

A balancing of world unification such that no government or shadow group can make the majority of the decisions, but that most major decisions will be made by consensus and in fairness.

An absolute, across-the-board de-powerization of the Dark Ones; none will be left to make a decision for the people.

The bulk of changes will be fully apparent and lived within three weeks of today’s date [was sent picture of mid-waxing just-past-half moon], as the people of your world cannot currently share openly in a morally open spiritual fashion. Money is king at this moment so many will starve and suffer without it – that is changing. Expect numerous open culture storehouses of food and water, medicines and drugs, sleeping areas, free and open communication centers. There are many people with resources now willing to openly share them for the benefit of your world, Gaia – which is Her physical reality (in your perception) the waters and the lands, and that of her citizens and plants and animals.

You will see some new and wondrous technologies being openly shared. Some of these have been successfully suppressed but are now up for free usage. Some are of extra-terrestrial minds but it may not be apparent to those who do not question the matter.

There will be a significant percussion of slowingness that will radiate worldwide, before an advancing wave of creativity and acceptance take hold. During this time is when the question of Our existence will be settled. [pictured lack of airplane flights and commerce in first stage; open contact in second stage]

I am SeRenShitha and let it be told, We are here. Share with everyone you know – NOW is the time to be open and you will be greeted with warm understanding as so many have held back secret connections and sightings and open knowledge of who we are. You will shake in happiness and release of fear as you type and sing and talk and write that “We are here”. No longer have the fear of separateness from speaking of Extra-Terrestrials or that UFO you saw as a child, or the one in the mountains, or the one over the bridge that night… each of you have a story; it is now time to share without fear!

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius star cluster. I am so thankful for this upwelling of energy from your fledgling planet finding its way to first flight – it is a beautiful and wondrous activity to behold and I thank you for your patience, your openness, your lack of fear, your trust. It is beautiful. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!

Parcival – Generalities 06Apr11
April 6th, 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Parcival – Generalities

It is me, Parcival. You have been busy.

There are many advances going on in our world and continued progress toward balance is happily coming along. We Agarthans are marginally involved and do specifically scouting for anomalies and unknowable sections of Gaia. I know you have questions and recall the list; are there more you’d like to ask?

> Yes, thank you. Are there multiple openings that the Agarthans use? If so, where are some of them? Are any of them open holes where someone could literally walk right in or do they require action? If so, what type of action? (energetic change, physical moving of a large rock, etc?)

I am Parcival. There are hundreds of areas with which we can traverse to the surface, but it is not extremely common that we do it. We don’t have a lot of reason to go there and it generally offers trouble if someone encounters us: confusion or fear would be likely response.
Most of the areas are camouflaged and are very easily missed. Someone could theoretically work their way into some of them but it would take keen intuition and a real desire to seek the holes and byways. There is one that offers human contact but it is an ancient group of wise beings who inhabit it, a rock cathedral of sorts and it is highly protected from accidental intrusion. Underwater openings are a more likely entrance as they are protected by water and therefore less convoluted from perceptive gaze.

> A further question in the same area. Someone requested this precisely: Entrances to Agartha, and, how do they interact with humanity. Are there open caves, how many entrances? Kentucky, Alaska, Tibet, Vietnam, the Poles?

It would not be wise for either side if the precise locations were known. Kentucky and West Virginia – all mountains basically have a few reasonably open holes, but as said they are hidden. Tibet has a location. Alaska also, several there. There used to be many openings in the Southern pole of Gaia but that region is mostly inaccessible at this point. We could go out but there’s not much reason to besides various samplings of nature.
We interact with humanity more in an astral or channeling way such as you, Jay, and I are doing now. Physical contact is not really in our best interest as we gave up combat many eons ago and wish nothing of the physical egotistical challenges that face your humanity.

> Many people are curious about the next earthquake and question me often – do you have precise information on the next major earthquake that you’d like to share?

I am Parcival. I am not inclined to provide particulars at this time. I believe there will be a very specific announcement of the next major earthquake by SaLuSa or SeRenShitha. They will project this to the entire humanity of Gaia as a way for them to gain appropriate recognition as knowledgeable of such things. You are one who will share it, without doubt; I have been told.
For generalities if you are interested, keep watching Chile, there will be an increase of moderate earthquakes there. The Indian Ocean is a hotsource at the moment with a new energy chasm being promoted. Alaska will see several moderately large earthquakes but within the range of normal: 6.2, 6.4.

> Can you please tell some areas which are starting and ending points of the energy channels?

Currently there is much work in the Southern Hemisphere. The magnetic pole is shifting quickly now and the balance is being maintained by increased loading of the Southern area channels. Madagascar off Southern Africa, a spot on Western Australian coast – the bar travails between those two points – most work is being done off-planet by lightworkers from Sirius and other groupings friendly to the Federations of Light.

> Sweden keeps coming to mind during this session – are you sending that?

I am sending it. There is work being done there, and also some very significant new government writings and clarifications. SeRenShitha would be better discussing such things, but it is an exciting place to be watching right now! The balance of Gaia’s humanity is at a wondrous turning point, and right now, Sweden is the old Rome. Many vortexical mind connections being made there! As a comparison for Americans it is akin to watching the Superbowl of football. It is beautiful to perceive.

> What are some countries that will be making the news soon, and what can we expect from them?

Germany will be making some crack decisions and wonderful advances for social causes. It will be a birthplace of advancement in culture with community sharing in mind. Although the fear of past regretful issues in Adolf Hitler and his armies resides in this region, the mindset for the positive aspects of social caring was initiated. It will be a grand day when the news is released.

South Africa will be making the news soon with numerous changes and balances. It is bittersweet as it will seem like a wonderful change, but it will be a ruse at first and many will be in heartbreak before the revolution takes account and mandates said changes.

Poland will be making the news. A Past president was murdered recently and the news will be made public. This will have some major repercussions but not world-level changes.

I am Parcival. Would you like to interact with other Agarthans next time we speak?

> Yes! That would be great.
> Do many Agarthans channel? Roughly how many humans are currently in contact with you all?

It will be arranged. It is exciting to be sharing; we have remained relatively quiet over the centuries. There are not many of us who talk now but it is increasing – it is an exciting time for our world, both above and below. What affects you also affects us.
There are dozens of human contacts, and a mere handful of us speaking through you.

Until next time, be safe and well. Stay warm.

A New State of Passion - Communication Sirius 05Apr11
April 5th, 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
A New State of Passion

I am SeRenShitha, Selamat Gajun. Selamat Ja.
Our time has come to share more. I know that earthquakes are a centerpiece of why our work together has become known and we have allowed this to happen. We will continue in that fashion as we see fit and will provide precise data next time we give a prediction. Each session flows as it is supposed to, so please do not expect what will “be” even for the end of this one session – it can always change, and as you fully understand your own expectation can add qualities to the reading content which are not accurate. I may provide data about the next earthquake or I may not – your contained ability is to remain focused. I know we chose the right person in you for various reasons and we have tested those purposeful executions previously with success.

I am SeRenShitha.
There are innumerable more souls contacting us at this time and it is truly a joyous site to behold. There are now millions of beings feeling our presence and Word at this time and the lightstream we see each hour is literally magnificent! You may take next steps at any time – this is to the general “you” for all who read this. There will be many new readers, by arrangement, and I wish to provide more information in this way:

We are here. We, from the Galactic Federation of Light, Enterprise, and the Galactic Brotherhood of Light all are indeed floating around your planet Earth at this very moment and We have never left you even once.

Is it so hard to believe? Most of your Religious texts hold clues to Our nature. We have left clues and monuments, you can feel us in your dreams and meditations. There are projected rumblings worldwide as we announce this message and not one of you can describe them to a scientific precision, yet you question Us! It is indeed ironic.

I am talking to YOU. If you surely felt a notice, then indeed you have felt Our presence. I recognize this very statement will infuriate the non-believers and that is ok. They will have another time and place to find information; it is just as well that they leave because the feeling of malice and hatred is one which keeps the soul entrenched in the 4th dimension. If you are angry upon reading this, then look elsewhere.

I am SeRenShitha of star cluster Sirius. You, of Earth planet, will lay your eyes upon me in your very, very near future, as I am One of Us who will make the journey. It is not satisfying to incarnate in the 4th dimension, as you are now, and it takes effort – similar to your channelers’ efforts to contact us. It is not enjoyable but it is time. I am SeRenShitha and I say you should watch out for three – a tri-fold unitary event: The collapse of a major Religious monument in the Middle East region – a wall, the reinvention of a military dictator – for peace, the collapse of the world’s economic markets to be replaced immediately with freeflow currency – for unanimity.

Embrace the loss of competition so that you all may share in a unified vision. Be not afraid of the tied-together information, as once there is justice there will be no further need for country borders and individual persuasions. You will all keep your person and your family and your friends and your relatives and the native self, but what will change is your purpose for knowing. These exceptional changes will allow a unified purpose in advancement and change. Imagine and embrace the vision, will for it to be and envision it as already done – the state of one people, humanity, one world, Earth planet, and a unification of technology so that all will partake in it avoiding the suppression of said technologies. Imagine clean and available unlimited source energy. Imagine peacefulness by nature, not by guilt or force – an oxymoron. I am SeRenShitha and you will soon know my name.
Selamat Gajun, Selamat Ja!

Monday, April 4, 2011
Earthquakes Predictions Coming True (updates; non-channeled)
Updates and blogged references to earthquakes

This blog has become quite accurate in earthquake predictions!

Here's the latest, followed by some that have come to fruition:

APRIL 3rd, 2011 - 6.7 earthquake in Indonesia.
Related prediction March 26th: "Our prediction for the Vietnam peninsula fell into place. There is still an significant pull and twisting of the Indian Southwest plate, out to sea, but it is possible it will not happen for another year. Surprisingly to us, and obviously others, is that the pressure line diverted further south than what was expected; it would be prudent to expect an earthquake in NorthWestern Australia and in Indonesia."

MARCH 24th, 2011 - 7.0 earthquake in Myanmar at Laos/Thailand border.
20Mar11 "I am Parcival. It is time again to warn of the area of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand." (posted in earthquake discussion)
16Mar11, "It is time. Vietnam will be seeing earthquake and volcano activity almost immedietely",

MARCH 31st, 2011 - 6.4 earthquake in Fiji ("Polynesia area")
APRIL 3rd, 2011 - 6.4 earthquake in Fiji
11Mar11 "Here is some information about the underground shifts in Japan, Vietnam, India, and Polynesia... the near future event in Vietnam that will baffle scientists as it is not on a known fault line"
(This session was done after the Japan quake on 11Mar)
11Mar11 2nd session "The next major earthquake will be either Vietnam coastal region... or one more precursor in the Polynesian areas I described before"
Pretty sure Polynesia has been mentioned in a few other blog posts here - I'll double check them and add it in comments.

MARCH 11th, 2011 - 9.0 in Japan (earthquake; tsunami and radiation that reached to North America; possible changes in nuclear regulation).
17Jan11 "The ocean floor will be splitting between the continents of the North America and China region. This will cause much havoc and ocean levels rising temporarily. This sadly will cause the deaths of many but it is imperative that Earth cleanse herself of the sludge and chemical (destructive agents) that are causing her near demise."

Predictions which didn't happen:
The Vietnam earthquake was predicted to be the first of three within a short time - this has not happened.

Major earthquakes that happened but weren't predicted:
Chile has seen a lot of earthquakes in the last several months so I asked about it; it was addressed on the 03Apr11 blog post:
"Chile earthquakes are indeed a part of the alignment of Earth planet and is a direct focal point of three rods. There will be continued action. It was not mentioned because there was already ongoing activity and there will be the same to come; there are not to be any large and damaging earthquakes or tsunamis generated due to Chile area earthquakes to our knowledge at this junction."

New Guinea has seen continued major earthquakes (6.5+) since before I started channeling this group, December 2010.
It was mentioned after-the-fact and that a recent New guinea earthquake was not one of the "three".

There are no outstanding precise predictions at this point.
India has been mentioned but it could be out another year, although the pressure is there.
California had been mentioned but it's unclear if it's still expected. (It's obvously expected at some point, I mean it's California! but no precise predictions)
Northwestern Mexico has been mentioned but again, no precise prediction.

I'll post specific predictions as I get them.

Sirian meaning of time and effect 03Apr11
April 3rd, 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

Preface by Jay concerning “time” and predictability:
Channeling has been proven correct many times and in numerous ways, even on this very blog interaction, but it has also proven incorrect a few times concerning time. I feel this may be due to the fact that time doesn’t exist in the 5th dimension and that life experience or Karma may be a better judge for the passing of events. Would it be better to provide predictions, not based on something like “within the next 24 hours”, which has turned out to be wrong, but rather as a comparison to other events, such as you will see the earthquake after the second full moon from now? Please answer on timing and the ways it can be incorrect – it is a major reason people do not trust channeling.
Also, most of the earthquakes that have happened around our globe in the last few months were successfully predicted by this blog (which has been amazing!). I’m curious that so many were mentioned but Chile was not despite some pretty major activity there; did you know about Chile, was it unexpected, or was it purposefully hidden for some reason.
SeRenShitha, and any others who hear me now, I am very thankful for this opportunity to share your words and wisdom for our world. Thank you!

I am SeRenShitha. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!
It is true concerning our immersion in time. It is as you say that we do not celebrate time as an outside influence, but as learning and experience. As the vast majority of humans cannot comprehend the knowledgeable pacification of Karma in comparison to the passage of time, this is why we attempt to convey messages in such style. It has been wrong sometimes for myriad reasons, some which you can understand, some which you can’t. Once an action is predicted and expected, it does not mean it will happen right away, and the will of a powerful being can extend the result for a very large amount of time as you comprehend it. It is rare but does happen. Heard [I (Jay) thought of day we will see them worldwide].
Chile earthquakes are indeed a part of the alignment of Earth planet and is a direct focal point of three rods. There will be continued action. It was not mentioned because there was already ongoing activity and there will be the same to come; there are not to be any large and damaging earthquakes or tsunamis generated due to Chile area earthquakes to our knowledge at this junction.

I am SeRenShitha. It is a truly wondrous and glorious time for the peoples of your of Earth planet and your Gaia herself. The changes have been steadily moving, mostly by nature but with some tweaking on Our part. To allay your concern with time specific dates I will convey this message by experiences had and to be had. In the world of your economics, for millennia you have been controlled, so much that you perceive money as the only viable means of life interaction for balance. This combined with your very nature of perceived individuality makes it wondrously difficult to change this system. However, it is time and your planet has undergone significant changes to your higher bodies; your purpose for living is becoming more understood on a planetary level rather than intricately as individual choice-makers. As this is becoming the normal modus operandi of humanity in many factions it is nearing time to allow the works of our and your efforts to meet fruition.

What you will soon see, as the American government fails to ratify an acceptable budget – around April 8th as planned – and as the Chinese come to life after a long wise slumber – happening now – and as forces of Socialism bring forth an economic plan for humanity which will allow fairness for all citizens – April 8th to 10th as expected – we will see the corroboration of a trifold set of a singular event in massive change, overnight as it were, and your Gaia will take its first steps as a child of the Galactic Brotherhood. I cannot say we will be seen by all on those exact circumstances, but the time is indeed coming in very short order.

We from Sirius, and many, many other non-Earth planet groupings have had a large impact on not letting radiation from your nuclear plant in Japan endanger your humanity. There is obviously the potential for an earth near-extinction scenario as the reactors in Japan are set to explode with full upward force. This is a god war level of explosion and is simply not fathomable or comprehendible to the citizenry of your earth Gaia. As this is so, there are people beginning to know that there simply must be some outside influence because given the situation with your plutonium, the rods would have already had an catastrophic event. We do not expect a significant explosion. There are however very powerful forces pushing and betting on the further damage possibility and these Dark Ones are not completely subdued in there horrific efforts for control. They will grasp at any straw to avoid their belief their time is done in the ruling menagerie.

Central Europe is the next fore in the changing of dimensional channels. Expect earthquakes from France, through Switzerland, to the seas in the Middle East. It will not likely be a significant newsworthy set of events but it will surely be an increase. The set of events will be noticed but not fear-focusing.

I sense questions about Agartha but admit your Agarthan friends will better answer those for you.

I am SeRenShitha. I found one question particularly worth answering – do we enjoy arts and mathematics here. It is a part of our very Essence and we do enjoy them so. We feel the breath of the creator in constant flow and although our music is not what you experience it as, we do feel the same effects as you when you listen. It is immersed into our soul. It is the same with mathematics although it is not appreciated in the same manner – it is only on occasion that an outside source performs some action of immense mathematical quickness that we take pleasure. For mathematics it would be comparison to you enjoying your breath coming into and out of your bodies.

There will be more very soon and I wish to address some further questions. I also gain from your questions as it allows me to embrace the lived understanding of separateness which I cannot currently do and have not for many a century in your time.
End. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! I am pleased we have these exchanges.

Sirian Questions and Answers 26Mar11
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Sirian Questions and Answers 26Mar11

I am SeRenShitha of star cluster Sirius. There is much going on in the world and I understand you have made a list of questions for us. Shall I answer them directly?

> Thank you. Please do

George Soros – many will misunderstand his motives because he has money or for other reasons. He is being portrayed as a villain in many circles. It is time the world has a new system of debt-free living and clarity of understanding that work should be for a benefit to the soul. A new structure is precisely what is needed for Gaia at this time. Mr. Soros is one who has the insider knowledge and connections both humanly and extra-terrestrially and can help bring conscious fruition to a much needed viable change.

If an eggshell is broken to bring a chicken into life, is it not a valuable trade off? You people of Earth planet hold so strongly to your individualism that when true change does occur a majority of people will not know the slightest in how to grasp for the gold, as you might say. Your country lines and divisive “religions” are a major obstacle to 5th dimensional view but it will be required at some point to break the egg shell to enliven a chicken.

The greys have an agenda which is to keep you silent, keep you ignorant, keep you mining resources. They wish your cooperation at any cost and all cost – your Essence is beyond their lifestream but until the proverbial eggshell is broken, they will be able to control you if you don’t wake up. It is already deemed things have changed and will continue to change. The greys are powerless in this, although they are holding the groceries and it will take money to get them – until a new economic model and change to your perception is held, the greys and associated leaders on Earth planet will control you. They have no issue whatsoever to hurt you or kill you, even on a mass scale – to them you are a worker, if you don’t work you will be obliterated.

Nibiru. I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. Nibiru is an asteroid which is coming toward your planet; it is a return journey for the inhabitants of Earth, as the people on Nibiru once dwelled here on Earth planet temporarily.

> Please repeat. This is an enormous subject for some people. I have never believed in Nibiru although it was casually mentioned by one of you in a channeling session with me. Please tell me all about Nibiru including if we should be fearful of this return.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius cluster. I have information for you concerning the asteroid Nibiru. Many eons ago a small group of beings from Alpha Centauri cluster used the trajectory of Nibiru to reach Earth. They were a young race, similar to what yours is now. They were warlike and naïve. The Centauris were unaware of your Earth planet before they used Nibiru as a travelpod. As they approached Earth some 2,000 BCE they landed here for several hundred years. They created themselves as gods to the naïve Earth beings of the time. You may have heard of the Nasca Lines – these were created by the Centauris during the times of which I speak. Although they are returning they are well aware that the match of technology is no longer Earth beings against the Centauris, but that there are hundreds of races of beings aware of what’s going on on Gaia at this moment. There is absolutely no purpose for being fearful of these beings. It is not yet even decided whether they will leave the rock and interact. They will have no power amongst the inhabitants of Earth planet and it is yet unknown if they wish to cooperate, to the benefit of all beings involved.

Obama poisoned. This was indeed mentioned and it will likely come to fruition. The need for a silent covert inside deal is no longer as necessary as it was when the undertaking was noticed. There are, as always, many stones left unturned and choices which have yet to be concretized.

I am SeRenShitha. India earthquake as second of three. Our prediction for the Vietnam peninsula fell into place. There is still an significant pull and twisting of the Indian Southwest plate, out to sea, but it is possible it will not happen for another year. Surprisingly to us, and obviously others, is that the pressure line diverted further south than what was expected; it would be prudent to expect an earthquake in NorthWestern Australia and in Indonesia. You pinpointed Singapore in an earlier session, this has now become a significant pressure point, also Madagascar. You will see continued writhing of the Indian Ocean plates including a point of interest in the center of the ocean, often used for nuclear testing.

I will not speak much on the center of the United States of America. The events slated to happen could be anytime from October 2011 until many millennia to come. The central area will produce magma and an eventual splitting of the continent of North America will ensue, but pay no heed – it is far, far off and your Gaia will have experienced much by then. To worry about the central United States would be as a baby worrying about old age and death.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. I must warn again that the food intake and bodily needs are not being met by an enormous portion of your population. There is a plethora of food types that mimic actual food but which are not. You are eating plastics and acids and chemicals that wreak havoc for your stability. Focus on eating nothing, over eating the horrific plastics and rubbers that are being passed off as food. Eat natural grains, not ones which have been genetically changed. Eat fresh fruits, eat raisins and nuts. Pastas are fine, freshly made is immensely better than dried and packaged. Drink loads of fresh water, purified or direct from nature. One of the largest issues with food modification is that it brings anxiety to your systems. When you eat these plastics and chemicals your body is unable to consume the benefits, and so must struggle against itself, prying the mind from purity to anxiety. If it is not convenient to eat in such a manner, at very least have a hoard of good food for the times when strife has hit your planet. Do not hoard dried chemicals, hoard grains and water, and quinoa and dried vegetable chips. [pictured dried zucchini, not potato chips]

The rumblings which have been heard around your planet will cease soon. You will experience them once again in several months, but more so on the South Hemisphere of your planet. These vibrations are directly related to the shifting of construct lines from blue to white. There will be multiple effects but it is still a long process. Volcanic activity in the southern hemisphere will multiply immensely and cause much strife, even to some major cities expected as somewhat safe, but not by the wise ones.

I would recommend speaking with your Agarthans as they have more precise hands-in information concerning earthquakes. That is all.