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On Monday, the leaders of the Lutheran, Methodist, UCC Churches, and the National Council of Churches sent a letter to Congress members, calling for an investigation into Israel’s continue violation of the US Foreign Assistance Act and the US Arms Export Control Act, which makes the Zionist entity ineligible for US military aid. Since 1990s, Tel Aviv has received an annual military aid worth $3 billion.

“As Christian keaders in the United States, it is our moral responsiblity to question the continuation of unconditional US financial assisstance to the government of Israel. Realizing a just and lasting peace will requires this accountability, as continued US military assisstance to Israel – offered without conditions or accountability – will only serve to sustain the status quo and Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian territories,” pointed out the letter.

The letter also blamed the Zionist regime for consistent pattern of its disregard for various United Nations resolutions (47 of them) and international forums including Washington’s appeals that support a just and lasting peace between Israeli Jews and the native Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

Naturally, the pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups were angered by such Christian hatred toward Israel. The leaders from the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the Rabbinical Assembly and American Jewish Committee have blasted the Church leaders for showing Church centuries-old anti-Semitism. The JCPA president Rabbi Steve Gutow claimed the US aid is based on US-Israel ‘common values’ (democracy, terrorism, etc.). The RA called it a breach of trust between Christian-Jews interfaith dialogue. The AJC director Rabbi Noam Marans had the best rant. “When the world currently is focused on the Iranian nuclear threat to the entire Middle East and the world, Christian leaders have chosen to mount another political attack on Israel,” said Marans. The rabbi also tried to enlightened the Church leaders that while their fellow Christians are being persecuted in the Muslim countries, Israel protects religious freedom and expression for Christians!

It looks as if Rabbi Noam Marans sincerely believes that reducing Christian population under Jewish rule since 1948; from 10% to 1.8% – or spitting on pastors and burning of ten thousands copies of Christian Bible – or calling Jesus “monkey” – is Jewish definition of “religious freedom”. Read here and here.

I am sure, the Church leaders must be aware of the facts on the ground. The Congress, Senate and the White House are totally under the control of the 50 odd pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups. American journalist Susanne Posel in her July 10, 2012 article at Occupy Corporatism shows how pro-Israel lobby in Washington ensures America does Israel’s bidding. Read the article here.

The Washington Report in its June 2003 issue published Dr. Thomas R. Stauffer’s (died 2005) study in which the distiguished analyst, author, educator and consultant claimed that between 1973-2003 period, the Zionist entity’s cost to the US taxpayers was three trillion dollars.

No long ago, 60 Minute aired a documentary showing plight of native Christians under Jewish rule. The truth irked the Israeli ambassador Michael Oren so much that he played all the dirty tricks to bully CBS to cancel the screening of the documentary.

Former Israeli Knesset Speaker, Avraham Burg, in a recent interview with RT claimed that Israel is not a democratic country and that the Zionist entity will soon fade from American political equation. Watch video below.

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About time some one in our country calls it like it is! why should our tax dollars fund a criminal state? Have the Jews forgotten the lessons of the past? and how it they felt when the Nazi party persecuted, detained, and murdered Jews? how can they turn around and treat Palestinians as the Nazi treated them? I understand the "Never Again" attitude of the Jews but why should we pay for their criminal behavior? once I found out about the USS Liberty and the attack by Israel on one of our Navy ships and the cover up I understood how much power the Zionist lobbyist have over our political system and I say enough is enough F! the Israel, Iran problem, We should let Israel know they will not trick us into another war. thanks for sharing