Compassion, The Crystal Skull on 11-11-11 by Marlene Swetlishoff October 16, 2011


by Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Humanity,

We, the Crystal Skull consciousness wish to convey to you the unprecedented opportunity that is now presenting itself to you that will be ignited on 11-11-11. During this time, the energies will be magnified to a great level and the focus will be connecting within yourselves to the Divinity that lies in the sacred portal of your heart. As each Human makes this connection, a unified Field of this energy will begin to coalesce and begin to permeate the Human consciousness grids that lie like a great band around the Planet Earth.

By fully and consciously participating at the exact same time on this special day, Humanity will take a giant leap forward into their destiny as this activation will gradually open up your remembrance of your Divine origins. Many more Souls upon the Planet will awaken after this day and events will move forward inexorably that will see great and beneficent changes occurring as all the illusion that once held Humanity in its grip is dissolved into the Light of a new day and a new way. As each Human reclaims their sovereign right to be the steward of their bodies, minds, emotions and daily lives, a collective movement will take place towards peaceful change from all that was before.

This day of 11-11-11 is the culmination of massive and millennia old efforts by the unseen workers of the Divine for the greatest event ever to take place in this vector of the Omniverse. The effects of this massive change to and within your Planet will have a ripple effect upon the Cosmic waves of life and the changes taking place within Humanity and the Earth will reverberate out into the Omniverse to effect change throughout the Cosmos, for there is a connection of the Earth to the rest of the Cosmos and this connection will begin to resonate in ever higher and higher levels of frequency and evolvement.

As each of you firmly makes the commitment to participate in the ceremonies and observances being held throughout your Planet, the collective field created by these will unite as one force of Love which will rise to ever greater and greater potentiality of the Unity of All. As this unity takes place within the hearts of all of Humanity, this field will grow in its power and might until All who live upon the Planet will be transformed. This transformation is at the same time, very personal and at the collective level, a conglomerate transcendence of the realm of duality.

This is not to say that this transcendence will happen instantly, what we want to impart is that the potential for positive and collective change upon all the operating systems of all of Humanity and the Earth will be highly likely to come into effect after this date. Those who make a commitment to participate in the observance of this day of 11-11-11 at 11:11 GMT for one hour of their time by adding their energies will facilitate the opening of a portal to higher levels of consciousness through which the Earth and all upon and within Her can then move. This is highly beneficial for All and we, the collective consciousness of the Crystal Skulls will be adding our collective and powerful energies to this impetus for the greater good of All.

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff
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