Love, compassion, thinking and a clear mind
Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Love and feel compassion for yourself, all people and all that is true love and compassion ... Sounds like a utopia, but read more quietly.

Compassion or pity? We are rather inclined to pity them. However, there is a large difference between the two words. Pity is limited mostly to those with whom we have a relationship or sympathizers. Pity, the duality of state and the I or Ego as a base, (how subtle too). Pity the top rather than put us next to someone ...

Love and Compassion are universal, they are all alive. It is stripped of all forms of selfishness and the result of our conscious inner transformation. It comes from the deepest (light) source of your true nature or. It arises when we observe a complete understanding of reality in the volatility and transience of all name and form. We realize that the desire for and attach to words, names and forms, it also (deeply) the cause of suffering and pain.

We require all natural health, peace and happiness. But when will that at the expense of each other? Compassion and love to rise above our birth and death. It is free flowing under source.

Like a flower that rises from a heart full of love, pain and suffering to be alleviated. A rose above its thorns out against, over odor and beauty shows. If a mature lily from a bowl spotless purity shows.

At the moment we feel love and compassion, we naturally separate from desires, we have no opinion and we feel no hatred. There are not even enemies. We know and feel that all life is essentially one. It's "natural "love and compassion in ourselves.

Ga over to the temporary and exaggerated n enjoyment and pleasure of this world, be filled with generosity, living (as aware as possible) without power and distinction. Show your smile in silent attention to yourself and all living creatures.

Laugh, enjoy the life processes and have fun. Allert Keep it on your I-(ego) sigh. Then you have the lessons of suffering and pain felt and understood ...

Above the pain and joy of this world are the timeless peace, joy and happiness to yourself now.

Have love and compassion a religious, political or social vision, exercises, or offered and rituals? As a flower blooms and scents spontaneously is as open as love and compassion is also evident. As a temporary human form we are linked. We want it all healthy and happy?

But whether or not we have faith in God, reincarnation or rebirth, life after death, a heaven or hell, love and compassion is a state of consciousness. The deeper sense of understanding that pain and suffering result from desire and commitment , from address, intervene, to ownership, in short, from selfishness, is enough to love and compassion to flourish. It is not a virtue, it is a quality of your natural state of being. Can pursued, achieved, and / or acquired? It grows automatically as long as our mind (and tip) each to start the day with just the right tone or coordination irrigate. silences. enough space in this day that what you think, say or do .... Connect no (clock) time! As you are in a spiritual paradise. You will naturally see the world differently! You and I, we all create together a ...

There is a nice story in the Bible about a Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). It talks about mercy, not a word in our language is integrated, but still contains the same quality as the word compassion. Mercy knows no distinction has no connection to a faith, an opinion, doctrine or belief. Jesus said to them 'you close to love or love as yourself, for the simple reason that no two.

Everything is in an infinite universe by a consciousness of universal carrier field (Jesus called this "the Father") aware. By distinction, to act from a group consciousness of a certain religious view or belief, in short, from the feeling and identification of a 'me and you, we and others is a veil of ignorance about love and compassion it.

Following the beautiful parable of the Good Samaritan, we see that there is no commitment to merit is ...

"Trade without discrimination as to any person and that relationship merit or not think much more of what that person needs and his needs."

Love and compassion gives you the "fair" of life left. The life of desire and attachment is painted a golden carriage. At a distance you look forward, see how ignorant people full of enthusiasm in, but you can coach in a movie you throw away. You know that the white canvas of your "true" are not affected by the images of be. At that moment there is only observation.

The sadness and the joy of the world "come from the same magic hat illusions. You have the true joy regained by the rise of any form of duality. Facing the hard loud laugh of the world is a smile. Opposite roughness and hardness, your gentleness and generosity. Opposite foolishness, wisdom. From natural simplicity allows you the complicated world of "egoism" behind you. You are in the world but not of the world. The world may fight against you, but you not the world. When others speak, you can mention. As others mention, you can speak. Your softness, tenderness and generosity are not from weakness, but from insight, power and strength.

Put no illusions. Life is like a mirror palace forms of the game in all its transience reflects. There is one that all forms a wave motion in an ocean of total awareness, a game in which observer and the observed deeply a whole be.

If your life, the infinite and timeless universe in all its facets and possible prospects of which appear and disappear, it is a peaceful silence in your heart and mind, beyond time and space. The fire of desire and satisfaction is silent. Like a tree after the storm again find balance between heaven and earth, as you point the silence within yourself recovered after the storm of unrest and discontent.

Bright as the spotless sky after a storm, as is flawless and ready your mind. No light in the cloud that you are obscuring ....


There are, first, our thoughts and the mental concepts (the time) created ego which we often identify, and the deeper level of what we are today, the part or sand consciousness. But we are able to distance themselves from that "constructed" ego. We will recognize it as "not the true self." This gives space, lighting and clarity.

If that happens there is that moment nothing has changed in your life. It feels as an inner and outer liberation.

A major insight is that when we think sometimes even stops, there is a silence that the mind is impossible to understand. A simple "know" we usually experienced from a moment of inner silence. Drag your thoughts or compulsive as ever, thoughts come to mind.

Thoughts are often a hypnotic attraction. "We find they are usually very important and often take them very seriously. But: It is always your thoughts ... (or thoughts of another which in turn affect your mind and then vice versa). You can notice if you, for whatever reason or another, as "free" about a constant thinking and / or reactive mind. Thoughts can turn around, question and answer, conclusions etc. .. What is my (relative) truth of this moment?

"Compulsive thinking is even an addictive effect. Your whole body awareness and aware."

It is as an entity in your head like a parasite all your attention and awareness eat: one idea after another, bite, bite, bite, bite. Can we still come? It often seems that the voice of the mind never stops talking ... and often are multiple voices at once. Who is who? Incessantly and compulsive thinking is rapidly meaningless and dysfunctional!

Why do people heavy thoughts and / or feelings? And why does the mind faster "negative" things beautiful, happy, loving and joyful? That is because they sense his cap above ...

But what an unconscious mind and the resulting time "Ego" is critical to understand it and complain, or "dysfunctional" thinking. This kind of thinking is pointless and harmful to you and me, everything and everyone.

Heavy thoughts - criticize, judge, disdain, complaining - create Then emotions that they correspond, as indignation, anger, hatred, jealousy, sadness. And the more we experience these emotions, the more they work on the physical body. Everything is and is heavy .. The energy or frequency in the body is distorted and unbalanced. That is what you feel!

If we live by dysfunctional thinking, in a state of unhappiness. An unfortunate man then many others can or want to make unhappy. And so is an unfortunate partner. It is a logical consequence of ..

Unhappy are expanding as an oil slick, in a relationship, a friendship, a business. We let ourselves and others (unknowingly) suffering. That is madness and madness in this world, which is in the smallest relationships, businesses to entire sites. Ultimately, that often leads to violence ...

Ask yourself: Is it just my or our particular faith or for people to repent, or to my own deepest insights and processes of growth?

Thinking, thinking, thinking ... "Look" to your thinking mind, see and understand how everything works wonderfully. However, we are all in fact conditioned and programmed by everything, and the past. Look at your thoughts and emotions that are there now ... Cleaning air! You see what is or what it remains. As you might think it's not advanced, know: Your existing programs and beliefs are strongly rooted in your brains. Give it a chance. Take it easy, and determine what you want. If it regularly drops ... Also see your plants grow if you do not even watch. But there is everything ... So it works!

See how your mind with the mind works and what effect it has ..

This sensation is a new experience of consciousness, or unconditioned intelligence. compulsive thinking, creating a carefree, pleasant way of life possible.

Nature (which we form and consciousness are all a part of his) is a good tool. You really focus on nature, and I pointed to me still. If you can walk in a forest but still hiding in your spirit, thinking or talking about problems or how pretty it is, often with a disruptive mobile phone to the ear. Or discuss on the pressure with a friend.

If so, we are truly present, we sometimes say, oh .. that is a beautiful tree, and talk again, oh .. what a beautiful flowers. Then we have no real connection with nature. But if we really there can be no label to determine whether to appoint what we see, our very helpful nature. You experience an even wonder if the thinking mind or intellect is not in mix: The wind on your cheeks, the grass sprietjes, the smells, the sounds, the small details that you usually look over ...

If we are really in nature as is possible, everything is still wonderful, a great liveliness. But when our intellect or the mind active and to depend on labels - this is an oak, this tree would be nice in my own garden and so on - can we not feel liveliness. These labels are mental obstacles.

People do that in nature but often with other people. We are so quick to mention obsessive busy, labeling, and interprets and (re) consider other people. We do it all in greater or lesser extent. With so many Allert possible to be, and to stand still, you experience a peaceful, happy and feeling happy! Try ...

Regarding the above:

The are many words and phrases to indicate that somewhere ... Where they suggest, however, ignores all the words that we like people to use. If we have a wonderful time in life experience, we sometimes say: "I have no words for "or" I can not describe pen "or" I am still of ". Which, often short wonderful moments usually stay strong in our memories ... Why is that so?

Look, this is the sun, we say. What does that "really" about the sun and what caused the sun When all things (look in the mirror) is shown as they are .., form / formless, variable and in an infinity of life, open your spiritual perspective and your frequency automatically in balance. If you are consciously awake and present, enjoy your "quiet and deep know without you in the first place your mind could want or need to understand ...

The essence is simple: The "absolute reality" of life is always present, timeless, always changing and is never silent ...

We spend a lot of attention to thoughts about the past or the fears and expectations about the future?

Sense, see and experience what we all think, do (or failure), past and future creates our power, will and power ...

A conscious deep breathing, close your eyes just feel and know what your "essence" really are ...

(Smile always at you, maybe see a "different" also ...)

Some books of inspiration:

Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth (of the Ego)

Marcel Brass: Country without Pad, running water (home)

Dalai Lama: The art of happiness (human dialogue)

Barbara Marciniak: Path of force (opens your perspective)

Stefan Denaerde: Alien civilization (surprised and unveiled)

The Urantia Book: ... expansion of cosmic consciousness and deepening of spiritual understanding ...

Source: World secrets