Truth feeder
Anthony Gucciardi
December 8, 2009

Besides scaring children into buying their pseudo-scientific propaganda, the con artists attending the Copenhagen meeting are using sensationalism to instill fear amongst the entire world. Even while man-made global warming has been disproven, and the earth begins to show obvious signs of cooling, the meeting continues. Meanwhile, Obama remains even too impatient to see the outcome of the treasonous event, declaring carbon dioxide a dangerous pollutant. Despite the fact that carbon dioxide is a life-giving gas, people still cling to the false theory of man-made global warming.

The transparency of the Copenhagen scam has been apparent for an extremely long time, with the Climategate emails revealing that the CRU was trying to get money from oil companies such as British Petroleum and Exxon-Mobil. This erases any doubt that the oil companies are indeed behind the man-made global warming scam. With faulty carbon credits creating opportunities for big business to nefariously generate massive income, along with promoting the cash-cow “green movement”, it is no surprise that they are signing on. These incentives are only minor, compared to the payroll that a business may receive by becoming an accomplice in the steady flow of man-made global warming propaganda that is so prevalent today.

Even the “Copenhagen Communiqué”, a document released by more than 500 global corporations before the Copenhagen meeting commenced, calls for developed nations to “de-carbonise their economies”. This is only a document that is a precursor to the Copenhagen meeting, which is going on right now. With carbon taxes being pushed on a global-scale, it would not be surprising if they are claimed to be a requirement by world leaders during the meeting.

Of course, it will be extremely hard to push all of these* ridiculous regulations on the people, as support for the false concept of man-made global warming dwindles.* Thanks to the Climategate and other events that battered the gates of the deceptive man-made global warming infrastructure, there is a growing resistance to the phony claims. Even the resignation of Phil Jones cannot put a muzzle on the Climatechange truth. The Copenhagen meeting can spew all the propaganda it wants, but the people do not want to hear it. Inform a friend about the Copenhagen deception, and join the peaceful revolution of truth.