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During December 2-9, 2012 – former six-term US Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney and Sara Flounders, co-director of International Action Center, visited Pakistan, in support of efforts to free and repatriate Pakistani citizen Dr. Aafia Siddique. On her return flight from Pakistan, McKinney was detained briefly at Atlanta airport for questioning her possible anti-US activities during her stay in Pakistan.

According to McKinney’s account, she was asked who she visited and met in Pakistan. When she asked the custom officers the reason for such individualized treatment, she was told that they’re just following orders as Pakistan was country of interest due to terrorist training camps. To that Cynthia says she replied: “You mean the US training camps“. McKinney says: “Each time such searches give me an opportunity to spread the good news about the work we must do to for peace and justice“. She, earlier highlighted her personal experience in an article, titled ‘Soft Repression‘.

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is a Pakistani political prisoner who has been held in solitary confinement for years in US prisons, after being abducted from Pakistan with her three young children, held in a series of secret prisons in Afghanistan, and tortured and physically abused. While one of Siddiqui’s three abducted children, Suleman, remains missing, the eldest of them was at the airport to greet Flounders and McKinney.

On September 23, a Zionist Jew Judge Richard Berman sentenced Dr. Aafia Siddique to 86 years in prison.

Both McKinney and Flounders have been in hotwater with the Jewish lobby groups and US internal security services for years for their criticism of the Zionist entity. McKinney lost her Georgia seat under years-long vicious campaign by the Israel Lobby (AIPAC). In November 2011, four North Georgia men were indicted in a terrorist plot to assassinate McKinney.

In 1992, McKinney received a pledge form from Israel Lobby (AIPAC) to sign, which required that she will defend Israel in Congress no matter what, in order to receive election funds from Jewish donors and media support. McKinney refused to sign the pledge. Since that day, the Jewish lobby groups declared war on her.

Cynthia McKinney says that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are her role models.

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