David Icke in The Sun:

The former sports presenter's oddball views, including that the world was to be destroyed by devastating tidal waves and earthquakes, saw him ridiculed up and down the country.

But over the last two decades, Icke has not regained his grip on reality.
In fact, he has developed his crazy theories and turned them into a lucrative international business.
This weekend he received a standing ovation from the sell-out crowd at the 2,100-seater Best Buy Theater in New York's Times Square as he continued his odd "resurrection".
In a nonsensical EIGHT-HOUR lecture, Icke spouted his ramblings that are now key ideas in the booming conspiracy theories market.
Apparently the planet is being run by reptile-like aliens and our world leaders — including Tony Blair and the Queen — are the result of human and reptile cross-breeding.
In addition, Princess Diana was assassinated, we are all merely holograms, vampires are living among us, reptiles can "shapeshift" into humans, the moon is hollow and 9/11 was an inside job.
And now President Barack Obama (a reptile) and the global financial crisis (caused by reptiles) have joined Icke's repertoire too.
The 59-year-old said: "Barack Obama is not the most powerful man in the world. He is just the point of interaction between the shadow networks that are deciding events and those that are making things happen.
"There are underground bases all over the place that Presidents and Prime Ministers aren't allowed to know what is happening inside.
"We are not alone. The idea that humans are the only two-legged, two-armed intelligent lifeform is ridiculous. These reptilian entities exist and they are influencing our world from beyond human sight.
"They have manipulated human genetics by tuning us into particular frequencies.
"And interbreeding between human and non-humans has created a new form. This hybrid was created to have no empathy. That is why there is no limit on their actions.
"This hybrid race are the Royal Family, the politicians, those running the banking system, the media.

Slur ... Queen is 'reptilian'

"Nothing for me sums up the scale to which we have conceded our power to control our own lives than the world financial system.
"The financial district in London is controlled by its own secret society.
"And the symbol on the City Of London flag shows flying reptiles on each side of a shield."
Icke was in New York during the Occupy Wall Street protest and went on a walkabout of the anti-capitalist demonstration site in the days before his show to round up supporters.
But the financial collapse was just a small slice of Icke's crazy Big Apple pie — and it's one fans everywhere are gobbling up.

Mad ... leaders 'reptiles too'

Because even more unbelievable than Icke's conspiracy theories is the fact he has turned them into a huge money-spinner around the globe.
The Isle of Wight resident has written 18 books and has another out next year. His current world tour is supporting his latest release, Human Race Get Off Your Knees.
He arrived in New York from Cleveland, Ohio, and the tour takes him to Croatia and Amsterdam next month before two dates in Hawaii next year — and a homecoming gig at Wembley Arena in October.

Fans ... queue in New York

Tickets for his New York show sold out at £45 a pop and his new books retail at £20. Some have been translated into eight languages.
At its peak his website was getting 600,000 hits a week. Take That star Robbie Williams, 37, is among the celebs said to have taken an interest in his work and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, 33, shares Icke's view that world leaders have reptilian blood.
America is among his biggest markets and at his New York show fans wore Icke's branded clothing and clutched his books.
His supporters are of all ages, sexes and backgrounds. Most seem like pretty normal folk... until you ask them about reptiles.
Sylvia Prester, 51, had travelled from Washington DC to see her second Icke show. Wearing her souvenir T-shirt, she said: "He's telling the truth — I believe every word of it.

Controversial ... David Icke

"My husband introduced me to David in 1995. We both believe there are reptilian forces controlling us through family bloodlines.
"The man is incredible. He might be selling books and tickets but he is not forcing you to buy them — he is doing it to spread the truth."
The internet is swamped with Icke fan sites that arrange meetings in every corner of the globe — with his followers desperate for the next book or show to splash their cash on. If value for money was measured in words to the Pound then Icke's stage show would be a bargain.
For £45, fans are subjected to an incredible eight hours of his conspiracy theories and views of the world.
The fact it is all senseless ramblings seems to matter not to his followers.
Before his life took a turn for the eccentric, Icke was a goalkeeper for Coventry City before arthritis cut short his career aged just 21.

Crazy ... David Icke talks to Terry Wogan

He went on to become a sports presenter for the BBC where he hosted Grandstand, snooker tournaments and the sports news on morning show Breakfast Time.
Icke worked for the Beeb for eight years before his outspoken views on the poll tax — and initial refusal to pay it — cost him his job.
He then became a national speaker for the Green Party before his famous Wogan outburst in 1991.
By this time Icke would only wear turquoise clothes because he believed it was a conduit for positive energy. He explained to his New York fans: "Twenty years ago I talked about what was coming — now it's here. It's happening. People are finally awakening.
"I used to be a goalkeeper. They called me Cinderella because I kept missing the ball. That football period — playing with arthritis for four years — triggered a will to not give up.
"Then I worked for the BBC, then I became a spokesman for the Green Party. Then came my turquoise period. That's when I realised I was not alone in the room and there was someone talking to me.
"I went to Peru purely on intuition and amazing things happened. I heard a hill say: 'Come to me'. I thought, 'I can't believe a hill is talking to me'.
"I felt a drill in the top of my head and my feet were burning and pulling me to the ground.
"My arms went out at 45° and were there for an hour — I was shaking with this energy. At this time I went through my turquoise period, went on primetime telly and became a figure of ridicule for years." And speaking of his new self-appointed role in life, he added: "It was much easier reading the news."

As he arrived in New York he posted a message on his website again claiming 9/11 was an inside job.
He wrote: "Just over there is the emerging Freedom Tower on the site of the World Trade Center.
"Those two were brought down in an engineered, fake terrorist attack.
"That event has been used to dramatically reduce freedom in the country. It was engineered by the very sources who now say we have to invade this country and that."
But despite his controversial statement in the city devastated by the al-Qaeda attack that killed nearly 3,000 people, he walked off stage this weekend with the crowd on their feet — and his wallet bulging.
On his 1991 Wogan appearance, the audience howled in derision and the veteran TV host told Icke: "They're laughing at you, not with you."
You can't help but think Icke is having the last laugh after all.


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