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David Icke on Binnall of America with Tim Binnall. Recorded on August 4th, 2010.

'Audio closes the book on Season V with one of the most requested and anticipated interviews in the history of our program as we proudly welcome a bonafide global esoteric superstar: the incomparable David Icke. Taped weeks before he embarked on a 10 city, 8 country world tour, David Icke joins us for a two hour conversation covering his infamous 'Reptilian' theory as well as the furor that continues to surround it. We'll delve into his latest work, which sees the master conspiracist allege that the Illuminati agenda is on the verge of crumbling and that the moon is an artificial satellite. We'll also talk about his notorious Wogan interview from 1991 which saw Icke become a household name in the UK, much to his chagrin, and find out how that changed him personally and professionally. Icke will also reflect on his return to Wogan in 2006 and his infamous 'turquoise period.' We'll learn what he thinks of contemporary UFO reports, the stagnation of the 911 Truth Movement, and, getting seriously deep, the very nature of God. Plus, of course, tons and tons more.

It's truly a captivating conversation with a researcher who has transcended the paranormal and achieved a level of fame on par with the world's biggest rock stars and entertainment icons. Taking his place amongst the pantheon of legends previously featured as Season Finale guests, David Icke joins us for the final episode of Season V.'