Lady of Light


"The videos produced by 'Jay4louise' are compiled by a great guy who is totally committed to communicating the information that will set humanity free of its servitude. These videos, widely available on this website, have become so successful in breaking the spell on so many human minds that the authorities are saying that they are going to delete his website - - in part for breaching copyright of the song, Uprising, by Muse, a band that clearly have great sympathy with what Jay4louise and myself are seeking to do. The Muse song is all over YouTube at sites like:

Nothing happens about the rest of them, but the one they seek to eliminate for using what is widely available is the guy having such success in circulating the information that will set people free. The Internet is owned by Rothschild Zionists - Google, Facebook, Amazon, on and on it goes. They want the benefits of recording where you go on the Internet and what you say in your emails, but they don't want the downside from their point of view, which is the global circulation of information that is exposing the real controllers of the Internet and so much else. The organisation targeting Jay4louise is the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), whose members read like an Illuminati Who's Who?"