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Please enter the Photon Belt But Debt

You recognize that you have insufficient time to do everything in one day? As days have fewer hours than before. Yes? Then you will also be hampered by what in metaphysical circles since 1949 known as the Photon Belt. Followed by the regular science observations in early 90s. She saw a ring of light with a never before measured cosmic radiation. A radiation in 2012 and up will be some humanity will help the giant step to the fourth dimension to continue.

Photons in the energy, which comes from the "Photon Belt, taste - especially the mainstream science, but also the frontier science - until recently more or less in the dark. Nobody seemed definitely to say what it is and where it comes from. The only physicists initially more or less clear on this phenomenon have been meta physicists as mediums and channels.

Maybe it is good to first identify what a photon is. A photon is a quantum of electromagnetic energy, and electrons as they appear simultaneously as waves and particles. Dr. Deepak Chopra says this: "Photons come out of nothing can not be stored, can hardly be vastgepind in time, and have no" home "in space. That means light volume or mass. The agreement between a thought and a photon is very deep. Both are born in an area over time and space, where nature controls all processes in an emptiness that is full of creative intelligence. "

Gold Mist
In his book Der jüngste Tag 1949 claiming the German Paul Otto Hesse, the discoverer to be a huge belt of powerful energy, which he first called the Photon Belt. Only in 1977 pulled the Colombian Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez them in situ, he and the Photon Belt in the open star cluster of the Pleiades. The Pleiades are mentioned in the holy scriptures in the Bible and many esoteric teachings of origin. Alcyone is the main Sunday Then rotate seven suns, of which our Sun is the seventh. Every Sunday is the center of a solar system; Alcyone is the center of the seven solar systems. "

The Northern Irishman Michael Tsarion gives some examples of the influence of the Photon Belt on us and our Earth, "Increased corruption and violent nature of authorities (U.S. Government); greater illegality and criminality of the business (Enron), greater violation of personal privacy (USA Patriot Act), greater sexual licentiousness (U.S. priests), less respect for borders (invasion of Iraq); increased voyeurism and threat to private space (placing cameras in public spaces); crime from unlikely sources ( mn excessive greed and rewards), increased anxiety and paranoia, between 1963 and 1993 anomalies in nature with 410 per cent (drought, cold, heat waves, disasters, extinction of wildlife), changes in Hartmann waves, Schumann frequency, ultra violet light , axial Wobble, light from the Sun etc., pollution and contamination of water, physical discomfort (especially the digestive system, liver, colon, genital organs, ovaries, brain structures); mental collapse due to stress and abuse of alcohol and other (medicine) resources; unlikely accidents.

Let us go back to Hesse. During his study of the Pleiades, he discovered a Photon Belt - in the form of a huge toroide either Donut - perpendicular to the stars in that cluster. The thickness was calculated Hesse about 2000 solar years, 759.864 trillion miles.

Physicist Noel Huntley reflects on the findings of Hesse: "By means of satellites in 1961, astronomers discovered an unusual nebula. Normally this is a dense cloud of mist-like mass of gas or dust. This cloud, however, had different properties and was named the Golden Nebula. "This observation was sharply criticized. Instruments of that time would be impossible skeptics such discoveries could do.

Public attention was only on major (re) drawn level when they find out that our solar system by this mist would attract. Early 80's in the U.S. a radio announcement that Huntley noticed and talked about a clash between our solar system and an electromagnetic cloud does not take too long time.

Since 1992 scientists measured, inter alia, Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, USA, is a cosmic radiation as high as 320 thousand triljard (10 ¹ ²) electronic volts. These are the energies of which science is able to measure them. But many aspects are sounds that most of the cosmic radiation, and the associated changes, done on a vibration level that is unknown and not (yet) be measured by science. Measuring is not always aware, although the man himself still capable of showing these energies through his mind, heart and emotions can be observed. (See elsewhere in this Article: Symptoms of Photon Belt radiation.)

Pop phenomenon conspiracy David Icke draws in 1996 concluded that the Photon Belt is responsible for this cosmic radiation. "The growing and clear changes in world weather patterns are not due to the greenhouse effect. They are caused by changes in vibrational energy fields of the Earth influence. "The weather effects, Icke believes, the next time (the transitional period) can only grow.

Roger High Field, journalist of the London Daily Telegraph, reported a year earlier, on July 5, 1995, in the article Hunt for the Most Powerful Particle or All: "Something in the area, nobody knows what, raises high-energy particles around the universe, in this case the charged particles ever observed by scientists. Not even an explosion of the most powerful star can cause it. Indeed, current theories say that these particles could not exist. "

That 'something' in the area would therefore be the Photon Belt. And that our solar system is currently in the belt to move the effects of these energies more and more will be felt in terms of physical changes (eg weather and geological turbulence) and the root of all change, the awakening of the human spirit.

Disasters are primarily created by the man himself

The cycle in which our solar system moves currently provides more light and energy than before. Russian research shows that the edge of our heliosphere (the area where the predominant flow of solar wind particles) to a thousand times more lights. The planets in our solar system to three times as much light from entering the Photon Belt, and all undergo atmospheric changes.

The question is how this affects the Earth.

The Maya have demonstrated their calendar, says researcher David Wilcocks that accelerations of physiology and consciousness took place in predictable cycles. Wilcocks see a relationship between the 26,000-year Mayan calendar and the 26 million annual jumps that evolution takes. The American finds that every 26 million years all life on Earth suddenly to (still) was whether a metamorphosis that period.

Amino acids Soup
The hitherto most convincing evidence that the Photon Belt universal creative consciousness represents, comes from Tim Harwood. He calls attention to the awareness that he is responsible for the spontaneous formation and development of life on Earth. Nature is wonderful phenomena, such as a caterpillar to butterfly is. After the caterpillar has verpopt, lost it in a soup of amino acids and then assemble to butterfly. This soup does not contain any ingredient that is recognizable as a cell or DNA. But when the time comes, a torsion-wave-like life, in form similar to the Photon Belt, that the DNA is again. Within a few days there are cells that build the butterfly.

The conclusion of Wilcocks is that we humans, just as caterpillars verpopte now begin our metamorphosis. "We are currently re-programmed by the Galactic center. This is made possible because the DNA molecule programmable hardware. Change your energy wave that goes through, then the DNA encoding a totally new form. "

Let us deepen in the Pleiades, an open sterrenhoop in the constellation Taurus. What is does this star cluster of about 500 stars that some 440 light years from Earth lies? Homer wrote about all the Pleiades as the seven nymphs (Celaeno, Alcyone, Electra, Maia, Sterope, Taygete and Merope) in his Iliad. This star is the Seven Galactic center around which everything revolves in our Galaxy. While this issue center / black hole is withdrawn, while plasma that is emitted at the poles in photo rays. These rays are, as it were a Donut of light.

Effects of the Photon Belt
The Essen ever said that when our solar system by the Photon Belt moves the world as we know pass. The Earth every 26,000 years by the Photon Belt as, for example, the time will have a major power failures and faltering electronic devices, because otherwise the electrons will react under the influence of the photons bombardment. From a spiritual point of view, when the Earth by the Photon Belt is a temporary port, a kind of now-or-26000-years-later time to transition to another dimension of consciousness. The American David Wilcocks that this step of the third to fourth dimension.

There are many different opinions about the influence of the Pleiades and Photon Belt on our Earth. For example, the exact time that our solar system, the Photon Belt is repealed. But apart from that moment raises a strong belt of photochemical energy light already ahead. Thus, the Photon Belt as early as the sixties feel and this influenced the thinking of many people. Rock Musical Hair sang not for nothing in 1967: 'This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. "

Although the full completion of the strap 2000 years time, the greatest impact when entering. Then the vibration and molecular structure of all involved to deal with the rapidly changing circumstances. It will be the thinking, behavior and physical lives of all affected.

The energy of the Photon Belt may result, Icke believes that people raise their vibration, which is a walking and talking transmitter of a higher frequency. The more people that matter, the more it will affect the Earth as a whole. At the same time takes a multi-dimensional change in many parallel universes, similar to the Hermetic saying "If within as outside, as outside as inside, as above so below, as below so above."

The energies and effects of the Photon Belt will also Until now that knowledge was stored in our consciousness and our physical body is activated. Knowledge that was stored in cells, bones, and our DNA (a potential of 12 strands) is available. Brains will no longer work at 8-20 percent, but their full capacity. Our 7-chakra system into a 13-chakra system.

So-called portals (examples include Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, Tibet, Ayers Rock and pyramids) are opened to dimensions of time and space together. As a result, the linear time slot of past-present-future is broken and collapsed together.

It is important that the frequency of Earth increases as frequency information and knowledge, like a radio wave of 3FM does. The higher the frequency, the higher the knowledge and information developed. Many people think that freedom of information is important, but the information itself that stands for freedom, says Icke. "What we think is what we create and what we think comes from what we feel and know: information, knowledge. If the frequency further increases, there will be an explosive return of knowledge on Earth. "

Extreme geologic phenomena
The effects of the Photon Belt said, as their influence on the weather: weather patterns change, massive rains and floods take place, and many other extreme geological phenomena such as hurricanes and tsunamis. Icke, "read the old prophecies and you know it. The media tell us that this is the result of then acid rain and deforestation, in turn, energy, global warming and CO ₂ emissions. What really happens is that the higher frequencies by the Earth through portals are founded, and that a shift from third to fourth and fifth dimension. "

Icke: "The powers try costs what it costs in the third dimension to hold a battle symbolized by Uranus and Saturn. That development and the Photon Belt energy to the subtle levels of consciousness of the Earth awake, which in turn affects the magnetic energy of Mother Earth. Gaia is a physical body with a consciousness, a mind and emotions. She thinks and feels, like the man. "

Future after 2012 unknown
Back to the Photon Belt. Each year approximately 10,500 through our Earth a half job that brings her back to this belt over 2,000 years. That moment makes for a dramatic change in the radiation from the Sunday When the sun first in the belt system, say various legends and mythologies, follows darkness. When the Earth first in contact with the belt, it seems the sky is in flames. Will light and phosphoresce.

More and more people are awake now to the conclusion that they have a light body.

Tsarion: "Spiritually speaking, light strongly associated with development, enlightenment, purity and holiness. If our planet by a belt of light pulls, it will be dark in the spotlight. Is this what the children of the Nephilim (Genesis 6:4) is to make sure? The individuals whose psyche is dark, dirty and unfair? "

Psychics or remote viewers can not watch in 2012

The total cycle of 26,000 years since the ancient times known as Leviatan (selected), symbolized by a Oers long, moving around the Earth and twists itself into perpetuating. She has a striking similarity to the shape of the Photon Belt.

A cycle that you alongside the Photon Belt energy could make is that of the winter solstice on December 21. That is when our Sun is in line with the Galactic center, and when the axis of the Earth in this line.

The Maya saw the time - the winter solstice - in 2012 as a rebirth. The Sun is the day to rise a cosmic cross that life embodies. That opens the Central American nation, a channel with cosmic energy. Energy that the Earth will be watering it will clean everything and everyone on it, and a higher level of vibration will.

Moreover, the Mayan calendar then. We had people in ancient times no view on events after December 21, 2012. Just like psychics or remote viewers can look beyond that date.

Domino stone
"For centuries and centuries, cans Richard Allan Miller and Iona back ', the Schumann resonance (the oscillation of an electromagnetic field between the earth's surface and the underside of the ionosphere) in the orchestrated pulse of all life on our planet. This frequency gives the pace for health and welfare. Extreme low frequencies (ELF) of the Schumann resonance are closely connected with our brain waves. Natural or artificial changes in the Schumann resonance can affect our brain activity. Liquid crystals as DNA, cellular and brain in our body works as an antenna for global and local ELF signals to detect and decode. "

There seems to be a harmonious relationship between the Earth, our spirit and our body. Our internal rhythms interact and are linked with external rhythms, our balance sheet, REM patterns and mental focus influence.

Or is it the other way? Addressing the mental, emotional and psychological state of man elektomagnetische changes of the Earth? That is the view of including Wilhelm Reich. In contrast to the prevailing scientific materialist realistic look, which states that everything is due to the environment. Our consciousness is subordinate. But maybe a lot more consciousness affect matter than we ever have thought. Perhaps consciousness is the first domino stone.

Heartbeat of the Earth
The Mayans, whose calendar is the only calendar that is based on Galactic cycles developed their calendar to the light from the Galactic center to follow. And allegedly, how that light affects our DNA. We now know through the work of Fritz-Albert Popp that DNA not only light recording, but also (biofotonen) broadcasts. DNA seems to be the bridge between our physical and ethereal body. Progressive scientists think that our DNA directly reflects our consciousness so that it is possible on the basis of the will to change our DNA.

The heart rate or base rate of the Earth, rather the Schumann resonance that increases the last time. And although this varies by geographic region to region, the Schumann resonance decades 7.8 cycles per second. Once it was thought that this was constant. Recent reports speak of more than 11 Hz, and rising. Scientists do not know why or how that is. Wilhelm Reich would say: The change in consciousness will be caused. And it gets the Photon Belt back the debt.

Our brain knows vibrations similar to the Schumann resonance. Alpha waves in the brains are between 7 and 12 Hz, beta waves between 12 and 25 Hz and gamma waves ranging from 25 to 60 Hz. Alpha waves take place when we dream or meditate. Beta waves are awake to our state and gamma waves take place when our brain strenuous tasks.

The increase of the Schumann resonance means that we all wake up, that our consciousness is expanded without resorting to (do) of mind-blowing agents. We humans adapt us to our environment and thus these frequencies. The Schumann resonance is expected, will further increase allowing us into the next phase of our evolutionary development.

Entering the Photon Belt is not the fault that they let the light shine in the darkness. We can see that we are of the same cloth and get his.

Symptoms of radiation Photon Belt
The Photon Belt is a belt of photochemical energy creates conditions so that it should go live. A (non-exhaustive) summary of the symptoms:

1. Time is compressed, resulting in a lack of time and feeling insufficient time to have to do what you gotta do.

2. Redevelopment of linear change over time: people work variable and create their own time.

3. The quest for spirituality is undergoing an acceleration.

4. Emotions as negativity, greed, anger, fear and doubt come increasingly to light.

5. Dizziness when getting up morning, moving the head, and to lie down in bed. This is all caused by the pressure of the Photon belt on pineal gland and the pituitary.

6. It is spiritual energy that affects the spiritual body. Doctors can find nothing in the physical body, despite the real complaints.

7. Lack of energy with a sense of daytime fatigue may result in the need for a hare to sleep while never previously done.

8. There are people who have problems similar to extreme exhaustion, almost as if they had chronic fatigue symptoms.

9. Forgetfulness.

10. Sleep problems people wake up every night, usually around 03.00 hours. Then they have difficulties in falling asleep again.

11. Many people have problems with their eyes that change. People who need glasses for example, they no longer needed. But sometimes even worse sight.

12. Nausea is a problem for many people. It is possible by the pressure of the Photon Belt in the chakra system, in particular the solar plaiting. Some people experience morning nausea which can be compared with the nausea of pregnant women.

13. Many also experienced unexplained anger outbursts. This is because the Photon Belt energy old anger-energy chakra systems go public, which in previous lives has not been removed. Many people there by surprise.

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Please enter the Photon Belt But Debt
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