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David Icke has a great message, I have read most of his books, watch all his videos and I must say he has inspired me. "You are infinite consciousness!" How can that not make you feel good.:)


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Hi Rumus

I really enjoyed his interview with Credo Mutwa. I read the poem by Credo Mutwa on David Ickes homepage-

David Icke is really a hero in many ways after so many years of abuse humiliation to stand up for what he believes in to see what he is contributing worldwide today and in the years past.

I too have read most of his books and seen most of his material except for his dvd about Princess Diana. His research into this area is fantastic and impeccable.


I believe he is a good man, i hear people say a lot of bad things about him, but I don't think they really listened to his message. Yes he makes money off his books and web sites, but he can't just give his books away. Some of his books are 1000's of pages and a very long and detailed read. But I like details.