Dutch invention deserts green
Friday, March 6, 2009

The Dutch inventor Peter Hoff, the deserts green and the CO2 problem. And he claims that it is possible by his invention: the Water box: a kind of incubator for trees.

In dry areas where trees normally have no chance to germinate, the functions water box as nursery. Hoff got for his invention all the prestigious Beta Dragons . Now investors, and the world can improve.

Water Box planted forest in the desert

And STEENBERGEN AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, November 14 / PRNewswire / --

- New Dutch invention wins prestigious Beta Dragons Price

A new Dutch invention can deserts and other arid and rocky areas on earth in the coming years will be reforested. For tests in the Sahara showed that Water Box capable trees under difficult circumstances to grow and sufficient water.

(Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20081114/328384)

The invention of the Dutch businessman and inventor Peter Hoff won this week's prestigious Science Prize during the annual Dragons Flying Dutchmen 2008, Science & Technology Summit in Amsterdam. A jury of critical scientists and entrepreneurs, among others, Vincent Icke (theoretical astronomer), Henk Keilman (investor in renewable projects) and Willem Sijthoff (FD Mediagroep), chose the design of Hoff to most promising innovative project. Philips CEO Gerard Kleisterlee gave him the corresponding amount of 10,000 euros.

The Water Box is a rectangular plastic bucket with a hole in the middle, which the tree is planted in the ground. The ingenious design cover starts at night condensate and let that seep into the jar. Even during rare rain showers collected rainwater is stored and strings in small doses to the plant provided. Furthermore Water Box that prevents water in the topsoil has evaporated and the carrots shelter against wind, sun, weeds and rodents. After a year, the tree is strong enough to do to grow and can be removed Water Box. Then he five to ten times reused for other trees.

"I call it a tree peen. The point is that trees grow best in dry places, but not germs. The Water Box the auxiliary tree at the start," explains Hoff from. The Beta Dragons Price is an encouragement for him to market his invention to go. "Clever people have now looked and found that the physics is correct and that it works," he says.

Hoff finished in October, a successful trial in the Moroccan Sahara. Of the trees with a Water Box were planted, was 90 percent after a few months and green living. That while in the middle of the summer, with a daytime temperature of 50 degrees, on a rocky soil were planted. Of the trees that were planted without Water Box, but each week was water, was 90 percent dead.

Hoff is convinced that using the Water Box and a sophisticated choice for the type of tree, large parts of the earth can be reforested without land are to sacrifice. With his company he helped AquaPro by States Water Box Consult investors to apply in the Middle East, Africa, India and other dry areas. Hoff: "40 Percent of the earth can not be planted. If we are 2 billion hectares of forest plants, trees take more CO2 than mankind produces and the whole CO2 problem." His Water Box is now in production and is available from July 1, 2009.

More information: http://www.aquaproholland.com

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