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“People in Israel have to know that they have a lot of friends here in Europe, because I think we have a common struggle going on: the struggle against radical Islam. We are aware of the fact that Israel is the only European, Western and democratic country in the Middle East, surrounded by radical Islamic countries who want to kick all the Israelis into the sea,” Filip DeWinter, EU member from Belgium whose daughter An Sofie posed for anti-Islam ad wearing a bikini and hijab early this year.

In December 2011, Israel propaganda lies organization, Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), released a video showing some dude dressed in military camouflage calling fellow Muslims to make every effort to establish Islamic Shari’ah in Belgium. The video was posted on over dozens of anti-Islam website funded by the seven pro-Israel Jewish foundations. They all quoted Israel-Firster White supremacist Filip DeWinter to prove their point that Belgium is on its way to become an Islamic state.

The anti-Muslim video appeared just days after some local Muslims and pro-Palestine non-Muslims protested against a meeting in Amsterdam that was being moderated by pro-Israel Canadian lesbian and journalist at Jewish CanWest media empire Irshad Manji and openly gay Duch-Morrocan Marxist MP Tofik Dibi (Groen-Links), who is known for condemning pro-Israel anti-immigrant Islamophobe Geert Wilders. He has blamed Wilders for pushing Dutch away from their celebrated tolerance towards minorities.

Irshad Manji is author of book, “The Trouble With Islam: A Wake Up Call for Honesty and Change”, which has been translated into dozen languages and published by Jewish publishinghouses. Since 2004, she has been projected as a ‘Muslim reformer’. She even attended Bilderberg secret meeting in Munich in 2005 where she met Jewish mass-murderer Henry Kissinger. Canadian Jewish academic and blogger, Henry Makow PhD posted Manji’s Islamic credentials on October 16, 2004 – which can be read here.

Now, one wonders how a lesbian and gay can criticize Islam which calls same-gender sex as one of the major sins.

Such morally corrupt people, accidently born into Muslims families, want to reform Islam in the image of western culture. As the West’s “moderate Islamic scholars” – these sell-outs, without understanding Holy Qur’an in its original text – want the Muslims to believe that there is no Qur’anic commandment when it comes to an Islamic State, Hijab, women rights in demestic, social and political life, Shari’ah’s punishments for adultry, alcoholism, murder and of course the military Jihad.

Another proof that Muslims in Belgium want to turn the country into an Islamic State – they “disrupted” a speech by the Islamophobe Jewish Dutch author and poet at the Antwerp University. How dare they!

Interestingly, last year when America’s Jewish ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman criticized the Zionist regime – the Zionist dogs chased Obama demanding that he fire ambassador Gutman.

Most of Europe’s anti-Muslim politicians and mainstream media happen to be pro-Israel. Politicians like former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Markel and Geert Wilders, leader of Netherlands’ Party for Freedom (PVV). Wilders received a hero’s welcome in the Zionist entity in 2010. It was a Israel-Firster Zionist Jew who commissioned and published the anti-Islam Danish Cartoons in 2005 – and the last year Norwegian mass killer, Anders Breivik, idolizes Israel and Western Islamophobic writers.

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