Dweller on the Threshold

I read a short bit about dweller on the threshold, and whatever attached itself to Cindy seems to fit the description, at least partially. I know that there was an odd sense of piwer in the valley that summer, that we bith felt and were drawn to. The night we went into the church and played Quentin's Theme on the puano, a pall seemed to descend on the church. For the rest of Cindy's life, people "saw" a dark presence around her. It seemed to be almost parasitic. I was out of contact with her for a couple of years when I was living in Oklahoma, but when I came back to Colorado, she seemed to have deteriorated spiritually. The darkness was still there. It seemed to have a firmer hold. I think family dynamics contributed to what happened, but I think Cindy was also searching for something. I haven't played Quentin's Theme since that night.


You know that I consider your experiences important here and I hope that others continue this conversation..You sure know more about this arena than I do..and I have been introduced to avenues and thoughts that I would never have known about without this interaction...

As you will see though... I am going to start keeping my thoughts and comments just a little more to myself for awhile. If I can help you and others here expand this subject I certainly will but if you have no response from me for longer periods of time just know that I am preoccupied with something else for awhile but my best wishes are always with you.

For the dark energies which have occasionally come in your direction.... If I knew how to help you banish them I certainly would.
But I have a very strong feeling that you will prevail here.

I wish you smooth sailing and warm weather.

Hang on to my teapot for me? I still owe you that luncheon or dinner out! and please..... take care of yourself. I think that you are one of the best Grandmothers that I have ever met. Linda
I see that I addressed "Cindy" above here Pattie.... sorry about that..... but I have decided that I want to leave it. I don't know why I did that and now am wondering if it was a mistake or it was something else.

oF COURSE I was addressing you CAT.....

No, I don't understand what you are saying Mikado or why you are saying it.... but I am sure that there is a design in this.

The above quote is all that I received in my email notification and then when I come to question what it is you don't understand, I find the rest.

I have recently realized that its all part of the script that Gemini has heard on the breeze. Funny that he would use that description because Dr. K and I just talked about that... how the breeze used to come up the canyon to the place where Dad was buried...everything is connected.

As to Gemini and his "one in 5", I believe I answered that. I believe someone else is hearing the truth. Now how are you going to twist that into a cone?

Whatever you say Mikado and whatever you do... its all been planned years before this and you have just been an unconcious tool. You were involved I think because you had "buttons" that could be pushed easily..especially your unresolved anger about your house being torn down..... (whether you realized it or not.) So don't pat yourself on the back too much, it doesn't become you..... and really you can not take too much credit at all for your actions. You have been following a script. Thats why you repeat the same phrases over and over....stuck in the loop.

First, things are repeated because those statements are the truth. Yes, when the truth is constantly being stated it does become repetitious.

I highlighted a word in the above quote...think. That word can describe everything you say. You never seem to "know" anything, it is always what you think.

As to my home Linda, not a house, a home. I have said it before, if anyone were to live through what my family has, they would have some unresolved issues. As I sit at family gatherings, and within the conversations, I see how it has affected my parents, my children and my ex-wife. There will always be issues. However, that incident does not mean one should end their life and I haven't. You know that but you wish to use that as a nail to hang your hat on so that you "think" you have an answer. Shall I borrow from Amaterasu?....whatever ..(now I sound like a child as well but I thought I would level the playing field), that subject has no bearing on what is germane to the issues that have been discussed.

Culmination of my Dads work? Not quite yet.....

Its an interesting situation to watch unfold. Linda

I have explained the "culmination" in another answer elsewhere which I have no doubt that you will read.

As to all this being scripted, it doesn't surprise me that you would answer this way.

All this happened because of you, Linda. You and your stories that went on for years. Is this the excuse you will eventually use? Is this how you are setting things up? Will the script be the justification for all the different identities, the made up stories that have fallen through on the _due-diligence" that were relayed to Paul by those identities?

And there is another group of questions, and to borrow from you - all valid - that you will never answer.

Yes, it must be all of that. A script, well, that chapter about someone proving EG is done. You can turn the page now.

I see that I addressed "Cindy" above here Pattie.... sorry about that..... but I have decided that I want to leave it. I don't know why I did that and now am wondering if it was a mistake or it was something else.

oF COURSE I was addressing you CAT.....


And yet another example of how you continually slip.

To Cat,

It sounds more like a dark entity that came back with her more so than a dweller. Confrontation of a dweller could be described colloquially as confronting oneself. A step that must be taken prior to an initiation. To bring those back with you after an astral travel is not usual or heard of that I know of. From what I remember, there was no astral travel that was done, only an attempt at communication, a dweller exists on the astral plane.

But then this is based upon what I have learned and experienced.

You could be right Mikado. Two people knew exactly what transpired that night. One of those people died thirty-two years ago. I haven't encountered dwellers such as you describe in my astral travels. Nasty entities, but not dwellers.

Linda, if Cindy is the worst name anyone ever calls me, I'll be happy with that. I think Cindy wanted her stoy told. I hadn't thought about that night in years until this thread.

It has been said here that a " Dweller" is a different and " lower form" " entity" than something that might be called something else....a sinister force that somehow " hitches" a ride with a person into their life....

Anyone have any more experiences of this type?
I got the impression that John Lear felt that through his research Dad was somehow able to do that too so this is not then what others might have been able to do through " travelling" but somehow this must have been done electronically. John said that Dads work allowed " Negative beings " to enter this world...

Of course it upset me that he would make such a statement. This was years and years ago ( I think 1990) but I would have to check my journal for that year to be sure.... I know that it really bothered me that he would say that these entities were real to him AND that Dad somehow was responsible for " allowing them in.

I just wondered.. If " dark and sinister forces " can hitch a ride into our dimensions this way... through our own technology.... can positive forces do the same thing?

Cat.... what I would like to call a Cosmic Ha Ha.... when somehow someone on the other side is able to reach out and help you remember them.... even if it is just for a moment. Thats what happened with Cindy I think. <g> Its a gift. Being able to Think.