Facebook's privacy policy is stealing your cookies!!!

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Is Facebook's privacy policy's hand is in your cookie jar?

For all of us that do not pay attention to Facebook's never standing still privacy policy, it's got new worrying revisions. Possibly the most startling of the modifications to their internet "privacy" statement is the method Facebook is vigorously maintaining every person users browser internet cookies.

In the event you aren't aware of "browser internet cookies" these are small files managed by web sites which you surf to as well as other third party websites, and they are generally kept in your browser's storage cache.

Facebook is currently, and has actually been for a little while, tracing those browser internet cookies and obtaining substantial degrees of critical information about the average person. These internet cookies are increasingly being monitored and saved in Facebook's storage system even if you are logged out of Facebook and are surfing around another internet site that has got next to nothing regarding Facebook.

Facebook records any communiques, PMs or conversations that you currently have permanently, even when you erase them, they're perpetually property of Facebook and consequently are input into their system.

I am not trying to come off seriously paranoid, only helping you discover that Facebook is monitoring everything they can whilst you're on line.

Make certain you consistently manually erase your personal internet browser cookies, and surf while using the "In-private" selection newer web browsers have. Listed here are some hyperlinks to many headlines news reports in relation to Facebook's ever-changing "privacy" policy.




I personally recommend all Facebook members to complete their very own analysis on the topic.

Yahoo and Google along with other search engines perform comparable things. Should the general population become aware of precisely what Google can achieve and truly does, they'd lynch the Google people.

For all those you that do not want to eliminate the facebook, you are able to look about on your internet browser options and totally turn off your cookie cache. Permit it momentarily anytime you signing in, and turn off after you sign off. Don't browse any other internet sites concurrently while surfing around facebook, and constantly empty your browsing storage cache following the conclusion of your respective internet session.

The majority of this data is sold for substantial quantities of cash to advertising and marketing corporations.
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Great post Boiling Frog!
This is nothing new, and is an on going debate. People keep going back and using Facebook, and until they stop using FB, they will take advantage of them. It makes me laugh at how people are willing to give facebook all their information...
I just stay far away from facebook as I can, Mark Zuckerberg is in bed with the CIA, FBI and i am sure the Illuminati...

I seconded that, great post boiling frog!
Thanks guys, everyone should be away of the deviousness of the big websites. they will do anything they can get away with if it means more money in their pockets. But their real purpose is to get rid of privacy, and get you used to anybody knowing everything about you!
Are any of you really so surprised? I'm not. Everywhere you go, you are monitored. You can't escape it unless you move so far out into the bush that no one can find you unless they get the infrared cameras out on their helicopters. Live in the bush, hunt and fish under the cover of the trees that surround you and don't use any modern conveniences that you don't need. Facebook is just 1 site that got caught doing this, but there are SOOOO many more. I noticed quite a while back that my cookies were being used against me. I'd go to a site and search for something, then, I'd go somewhere else, and lo and behold, there was an ad right in my face for something I was just looking at somewhere else, even though the site where I'm at when it's coming up has absolutely nothing to do in any way with the search that i did somewhere else. You're being followed by their bots. Don't kid yourselves. No matter how much you clear your cookies and your browsing history, they've still got ways to track your every move. Cookies are just the most obvious way at this time.
realistically, what facebook can divulge from the average user is:

1. location globally
2. computer operating system
3. other sites visited within facebook syndication.

facebook isn't the one you should worry about in my opinion, not unless your member of an organisation with opposing political views or an activist/hacktivist organisation.

the organisation you should be most worried about is the organisation that publishes the operating system on which your computer is running.

Microsoft have for years held 'back-doors' into their users operating systems, designed to identify pirated copies of their operating systems, Apple also, those who use Windows and MacOSX need to worry about this.

They can trace your computer and operating system via operating system and bios signature.

Otherwise, those who use Google syndication are included, any webserver can be configured to trace user's where-abouts to within a city sector, and further via the internet provider's records to your actual address, no one is safe from this if they pay for an internet subscription with any ARIN registered provider... and thats everyone.

the 'keyword' atleast in microsoft's case is 'Everyone' use a copy of windowsxp? i'll prove this to you. do yourself a favour, use linux.
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