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French Zionist foreign minister Laurent Fabius (his both parents were Jewish) has now second thoughts about the US-Israel desired regime change in Damascus. On Tuesday, he told reporters that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s fall is not imminent.

France was among the first western nation to host anti-Assad conference in Paris. French military officials have been training anti-government rebels in Turkish camps. Some French soldiers were even captured fighting along the rebels by Syrian forces.

Last month, during an interview with a French radio station, Laurent Fabius, said: “I think the end of President of Assad is closer than ever“.
In September 2012, Laurent Fabius, warned the Zionist regime over Iran attack. He said that while French government favor further sanctions to stop Tehran going nuclear – any Israeli attack against Iran would “turn against Israel”.

Professor Richard Falk, special UN Human Rights envoy for the Palestinian territories posted on his blog that best initiative to resolve Syrian tragedy would be the US-UN-EU sanctions taken off Iran and US-Israel stop threatening Tehran with war.

“Another initiative that could be taken, with great positive potential, but against the grain of current of Western, especially American, geopolitics, would be to take the Iran war option off the table. Such a step would almost certainly have major tension-reducing effects in relation to regional diplomacy, and would be a desirable initiative to take quite independent of the Syrian conflict. The best way to do this would be to join with other governments in the region, including Iran, to sponsor a comprehensive security framework for the Middle East that features a nuclear weapons free zone, with an insistence that Israel join in the process. Of course, for the United States to advocate such moves would be to shake the foundations of its unconditional endorsement of whatever Israel favors and does, and yet it would seem over time even to be of greater benefit to Israeli security than an engagement in a permanent struggle to maintain Israeli military dominance in the region while denying the right of self-determination to the Palestinian people. If American leaders could finally bring themselves to serve the national interest of the United States by acting as if the peace and security of Israel can only be achieved if the rights of the Palestinian people under international law are finally realized it would have many likely positive effects for the Middle East and beyond,” wrote Dr. Falk.

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