Israel is losing in Syria


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“At issue is Syria, Hizbullah, Iran and Hamas. Israel wants all regional rivals removed. It’s part of its Greater Middle East agenda. It’s willing to wage regional war,” says Stephen Lendman, an American Jewish writer, June 24, 2013.

Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar al- Assad has made impressive military gains in recent weeks over the western-funded rebels in Qusayr and other strategic areas bordering Israel and Turkey. Furthermore, Lebanese army with the help of Hizbullah has succeeded in taking-over Syrian rebel enclave in Sidon. Ahmad al-Assir, the Salafi supporter of anti-Assad rebels, along with dozens of his supporters are killed or captured in the process.

As result of these recent set-backs, the pro-US/Israel/NATO ‘Friends of Syria’ met in Doha, Qatar this week. The members of the group (the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, and Qatar) are the same who destroyed Africa’s most prosperous and liberal Muslim nation of Libya – because Qaddafi regime posed a threat to Israel.

“I would not have done if I had not been Jewish. I wore my flag in fidelity to my name and my loyalty to Zionism and Israel,” French Jewish scholar Bernard-Henri Levy told 900 Jewish delegates attending French Israel Lobby (CRIF) conference in Paris in November 2011. Levy is close associate and adviser to former French president Nicolas Sarkozy and the current president Francois Hollande. Both Sarkozy and Hollande were born into Jewish families.

Early this month, French Jewish Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, warned the western powers that the recent military gains by the Syrian military loyal to Bashar al-Assad should be stopped before reaching the province of Aleppo, part of which is controlled by western-armed rebels.

The Muslim-haters gathered in Doha conference have agreed to supply heavy arms to rebel groups of their choice – hoping to tip the military balance in favor of the rebels before the US-Russia Geneva II conference next month. They seems desperate to counter Assad’s impressive victories. He is cleansing his country of foreign Wahabi-Salafi insurgents. With military support from Iran and Hizbullah on the ground, these pro-Israel throat-cutters have no chance to topple Assad regime.

Qatar’s prime minister, repeated John Kerry, Erdogan and Netanyahu’s call for further arming the rebel groups. He said: “Force may be the only way to enforce righteousness and supplying weapons to the opposition may be the only way to reach peace in Syria“.

The United Nations-Arab League envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, has criticized the ‘Friends of Syria’s’ decision to further arm the rebels. “It’s not the right thing,” said Brahimi on Tuesday. He also doubted if the US is sincere about holding the Geneva II meeting

Israel’s thuggish plan also received negative response from Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey. He told John Kerry and Obama in a White House meeting that US airforce is not capable of enforcing a no-fly zone over Syria.

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