[Update!] Friends Medical Situation


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Well over a week now we've been trying to get refills for my friend, now the "good" dr, told the pharmacist she never received the fax, but was aware of the situation, and was going to make a "decision". Now she knows i'm sure of my friends current predicament, unless one of those girls in the office didn't give her the letter, possibility but why? Why doesn't the "good' dr. lift her finger and give my friend a call and just admit that she cn't give her meds until bloodwork and my friend right now doesn't even have adequate transportation to get to the closest dr, which is the 'good' dr. The lab dr sends her to is a $20.00 round trip cab ride away from the apartment, when there's a regional hospital about $10.00 round trip away from us. Why? Kickback from the lab for the 'good' dr I suppose. :frown: Does any other state do this?

Have found a group on the Internet that if they take Medicare part A could have a Dr. come to the house and be an adjunct to regular dr. It's suppose to keep seniors from going into nursing homes andi inconjunction with the state. my friend is of the old school though and hesitates to use this even though they are prescreened supposedly. Probably going to kick the "good" to the as soon as she gets her situation under control, she has a cardiologist that's also an internist, will probably go with him he seems easy going and not the biotch the other one has proven to be. Will keep you all informed the results from the medical standoff.
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