Global Emergency

FPI Commentary

There is a conspiracy to enslave all civilians on the planet in progress.

It goes by the names of: the new world order, the military-industrial complex and globalization.

The takeover of America and the world will come under the GUISE of a humanitarian efforts such as bird-flu, economic collapse, weather events, nuclear war, etc.

Words like mandatory evacuations, curfew, quarantines and state of emergency will be used instead of martial law.

The Powers That Be, The Illuminati, Your Television, Militarization of Space, Joint-Military Exercises, Multi-National Corporations, Mainstream Media, World Leaders, Vatican, CIA, MI6, United Nations, CSTO, NATO, European Union, African Union, NASA, Bohemian Grove, ICC, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, APEC, Federal Reserve, Yale’s Skull and Bones Society, Council of World Churches, Freemasonry, UNICEF, IMF, Hollywood, CFR, Red Cross, World Bank, World Court, World Food Programme, Interpol, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, Dalai Lama, CERN, World Economic Forum, OPEC, Stock Market, G8, G20, NAFTA, Le Cercle, 1001 Club, Mediterranean Union, Pilgrims Society, Multi-National Chairman’s Group, Sun Valley Meetings, Jason Group, Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, Asian Union.