Have you ever heard of the hollow earth ? does it really exist ?


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I saw this documentary on the earth being hollow, and I researched it on Google and it really says that it has a civilization in the earth, I just find it so hard to believe, I need to know if anyone ever heard about the hollow earth, thank you.Happy New Year!!


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I've never heard of it, but physics would make civilization like that impossible and anyway, there's too much geological proof that Earth is solid. Where DID you get this?!

Don of the Dead

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Such legends continue to live (and in cycles) from primitive man. Many tales exist but no such place exists.Think of ancient "religions" where the gods and demons came from inner earth, hades, the river styx, etc., to do their mischief. Remember that you have to take information on the internet with several grains of salt. Anyone and everyone can espouse any crazy or absurd thought anywhere. The socalled expert sites have anything anyone wants to put on it.


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This is the first time i have heard of this. However I have just come across this web site and it sounds believable.I have heard of the little people of middle earth but that was based on fiction but the web site states otherwise. It may be possible who knows.