Truth feeder
Hercóbulus, is a giant planet larger than Jupiter and that is strange is that on a rocky Earth, which cause a solar eclipse that will last three days of darkness and weather conditions on earth, until finally hit the ground.

Will not save or men's hat. But that's where the jamboree will last for three days of the eclipse.
[edit] A tragedy foretold

Comes the meteor "Hercóbulus" toward the earth and nothing will prevent the shock from Earth and you can not see more porn on your computer. Save your soul Give us all your money and your properties to build the spacecraft in which all escape uncyclopedistas.


The giant planet or asteroid "Hercóbulus is five times larger than Earth and other mentions that is the size of Uranus. According to some scientists, will fall on Earth and leave a given **** unfit for use and the comprehensive insurance does not cover natural disasters or Armageddon, at least I have not paid. .. and you?. If we consider the Doppler effect, which is red, we can deduce that is moving away, but in this case is more likely to be because it is their natural color and we will buzz badly.


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