Hillary Clinton’s failed mission to India


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US secretary of state, Israel-Firster Hillary Clinton, 64, has just completed her visits to China, India and Bangladesh. The main agenda of her visit to China and India was to convince the BRICS leaders (China, India, Russia, Brazil and South Africa) to join the US-Israel campaign to isolate Iran from the world community.

Interestingly, Israeli daily Ha’aretz in its March 28 editorial stated that while trying its best to isolate the Islamic Republic from the world community – Israel itself got isolated from the world community by severing ties with the UN Human Rights Council.

Speaking at Kolkota Town House meeting moderated by India’s welknown TV journalist Barkha Dutt – Hillary pitched for anti-Iran and anti-Pakistan USrael policies. She warned New Delhi that if it did not reduce its oil import from Iran – the country will face severe US sanctions. She also advised Islamabad to help the US in fighting anti-US feeling and the so-called “Islamist terrorism”.

Clinton also told her audience that she hope to see a female US president – but that wouldn’t be her as she is not aiming for that post in 2016. Her husband, former president Bill Clinton and many american political analysts don’t believe in her statement – judging by her lies in the past.

BRICK leaders in their meeting in New Delhi on March 31, declared that they were not bound by US sanctions. They made clear that such unilateralism was not going to help a peaceful international relations. The BRICK leaders, indirectly, declared US and EU sanctions illegal and counterproductive.

Iran’s oil export of 3.5 billion barrels per day bring in about $100 billion per year. Iran’s non-oil exports are also on the rise. They amounted to $44 billion during last year – a 29% increase.

China and India are the major importers of Iranian oil. China, India, Iraq and UAE also act as the hub for the re-export of goods to the Islamic Republic.

Hillary Clinton is part of the powerful pro-Israel lobby groups who keep shouting on top of their lungs that Iran is existential threat to Israel.

Hillary Clinton’s failed mission to India | Rehmat calling