How MI5 blundered over photo of two 7/7 bombers


Truth feeder
UK Daily Mail
Feb 22, 2011

A crucial photograph of the July 7 ringleader was cut in half by an MI5 officer more than a year before the attacks in London, it was revealed yesterday.

Key parts of secret surveillance pictures of Mohammed Sidique Khan and fellow bomber Shehzad Tanweer were ‘entirely obliterated’ before they were sent to the U.S. for identification.

They were due to be shown to an al-Qaeda supergrass who had helped train Khan in Pakistan.

But the half-picture of Khan was so bad that it was not shown to Mohammed Junaid Babar, and the jailed terrorist did not identify Tanweer from his photograph, which was missing his nose and beard.

The photographs were taken in February 2004, more than a year before Khan’s gang of Islamic suicide bombers unleashed a wave of attacks in London.

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