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On Friday, the world famous former Pakistani cricket-team captain turned politician, Imran Khan was pulled out of a Toronto-New York bound flight by US immigration officials. He was taken into custody and grilled for two hours over his opposition to deadly US drone strikes over northern part of Pakistan.

The US State Department has acknowledged Khan’s questioning but claims the issue was resolved amicably and that Khan is welcome to visit United States. However, the State Department has refused to apologies to Khan for the mistreatment as demanded by Ali Zaidi, a senior vice-president of Khan’s Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf party.

Khan, who led an anti-drone war protest march to northern part of Pakistan early this month, vowed to continue opposing the deadly attacks, saying “nothing will change my stance”. America’s deadly drone war has killed nearly 900 Pakistani civilians so far.

In June 2012, Rep. Peter King, chairman House Homeland Security told CNN’s Candy Crowley that drone warfare is totally kosher. “The drones are used to carry out the policies of righteousness and goodness”. King, who is a former fundraiser for the IRA terrorist group – is a known Islamophobe.

Khan blames Islamabad for giving a free hand to US warmongers to kill innocent Pakistanis. He says that if elected country’s president, he will order Pakistan Air Force to shoot the American drones as Iranian airforce did in December 2011.

Khan, according to several polls, is the country’s most popular political leader and expected to become country’s prime minister if elections are held without American interference. Khan became the third anti-drone Pakistani being harassed and intimidated by the pro-Israel Obama administration. The other two Pakistanis who were refused visa to enter United States, are – Shahzad Akbar, a lawyer who represents US drone victims and Mohammad Danish Qasim, the student-producer of documentary ‘The Other Side: of drone attacks in Pakistan‘. Watch the documentary below.

America’s largest drone operation is carried out from its military base at Camp Lemonnier, Republic of Djibouti, a Muslim-majority (94%) country in the Horn of Africa.

United Nations announced this week to set-up a special panel headed by Israeli-born British Jewish judge Ben Emmerson, to investigate American drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia and if these attacks could be classified as “war crimes”. Ben Emmerson, recently, singled out both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney for not mentioning the deadly drone attacks on civilians in their campaigns.

Imran Khan is the former son-in-law of British Jew billionair Sir James Goldsmith (died 1997). James was one of the top British contributors to the Zionist entity. Khan’s former brother-in-law Baron Peter Henry Goldsmith is member of British Labour Party and former British Attorney General.

US officials detain Imran Khan at Toronto airport | Rehmat's World