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It's been a while since I've posted on here, but something happened to me last night, that I really cannot explain and I'm wondering if anyone here can shed any light or even point me in the right direction..

This wasn't DREAM, nor I could call it a FUTURE VISION, this really happened in plain sight of me.

Now before I write what I expereinced (i write experienced, as it was an experience even tho I saw it with me own two eyes), I'll let you's know that I have dreamt future events in my life in the past that have come true (flashbacks re-occur when event happens), so i know that this was no dream as i was fully please bear with me.

Last night, well around 3:35 in the am I went up to bed. i wasn't tired, I had been playing a game on my pc, and decided that nows a better time to go to sleep than not sleeping. I have trouble with going to bed early and i'm what you would call a night owl. I went up to bed and for some reason or another, i decided to switch of the hall light going up the stairs (i never do this, nor does my girlfriend). I went into our bedroom and noticed that our beautiful son had crawled into our bed (as usual), so i decided to sleep in his room, so not to wake them (usually happens, maybe other parents can relate to this).

Now within a moment or two of laying down on the bed in his room (it's a double bed), I felt as if the bed was moving in an up/down movement (from the top to the bottom), rather slowly and quietly. I ignored this as I thought it was my imagination, then it got more recognizable to me and I knew I wasn't imagining it. for some reason I felt that i wasn't on the bed but I was.

Then all of a sudden, the room got pretty dark. now I have very good eyesight in the dark and can see things quiet clearly, so i was puzzled by this, then as my eyes started to adjust to this 'new darkness' I 'noticed' and 'saw' things (now i write 'things' as at that time i didn't know what they were).

I noticed an outline of something sitting upright on my son's old cot, I knew 'it' was looking at me, then I noticed on the corner of my left eye something flloating/flying past me, and taking shape on the wall on my left. I then looked back at this 'thing' which had then turned into a 'darkish, yet striking LARGE RED orb (is is best as I can describe it), it then moved into my direction, and literally i called out loud, JESUS (as a swear word), and moved my hand in front of it. This 'thing' had MASS and FORM. It freaked me out.

For some reason I recitied 'the lords prayer' (I normally do this when I feel threatened in my dreams or I feel I am being threatned by something trying to invade my dream or take me over). nothing happened nor changed. i knew then, right there, this was something I had NO CONTROL over.

I looked up to the ceiling and saw, what I can only describe a a black web, it wasn't a web as such, it's the best way I can describe what I saw, and it strectched all over the ceiling, the blackness had form, you could see the outline clearly, it's thickness, eveerything, and it moved on down to the left hand side of the room and made 'connection' to what i saw there earlier and was forming something else.

now by this time, i was frightened, but lucid, i was not scared. then i started hearing noises, voices all over the room, they were not loud but audible. then i can only describe as an 'attempted attack/grab' on me by what was on the ceiling, and then was on the quilt cover. I actually closed my eyes and recited the lords prayer twice again. I opened them and the 'red orb thing' was right on my face. I literally jumped out of bed, screamed and ran out.

I went into our bedroom and by that time my girlfriend had awoken, our son thank goodness is a deep sleeper. she heard me emit a scream and asked if I was alright. i said i wasn't and I just went into bed beside her. That time I kept hearing a voice saying 'why do you deny my existence'? 'haven't I proven to you they exist'? And this 'voice' said some things about me NO-ONE knows....

That is all I'm going to write on this matter...

now before any of you think i'm nuts, insane or in need of hospital help. This happened to me while I was WIDE AWAKE. i didn't even feel tired at all. This/these 'things' had MASS AND FORM ! I know what I saw. It freaked me out, and this morning I'm still pretty shaken up about it, but also 'at peace' with it all. does that make ANY SENSE to anyone on here? There was a slight instance were I felt I wasn't in my body, yet I was, I felt like someTHING was trying to take someTHING away from me (ie my soul), not try to enter me. I was dizzy and light headed and seemed like a 'fog' was between me and my own bedroom not my childs bedroom. It took a few moments for this 'fog' to pass and when I went to my OWN bed and lay beside my girlfriend, I did feel like there was a slight 'pressence' in the room tho it could not harm me. again i don't know if this makes any sense whatsoever, hopefully someone here could make head or tail of it. Or should i go to someone who knows these type of experiences....?

All I'd like to know is, a) i'm not mad, b) i DID experience something powerful, c)were 'they' demons, aliens entities? d) did GOD or something that resembles god 'show' me something. e) do i need to see someone really spiritual to get to the bottom if this...

I will add this tho. since the day we moved into this house 3 and a half years ago. I've been afraid to sleep alone in our bedroom. call it 6th sense whatever, but sleeping alone in our bedroom, frightens me. most times if i'm staying alone some weekend i sleep on the sofa downstairs. I've felt a pressence of a woman a few times in our home. Probably maybe middle aged, but it's not really a nice pressence. Once I've had the feeling of her wrapping her arms around me while I'm sleeping and this has freaked me out. Was last night's experience a 'step up'? Strange things have happened when the light bulbs go out. i've heard the odd 'voice', loud knocking sounds from upstairs when no-ones about. I actually heard a loud tap from upstairs while writing this post to you.

Also the LARGE RED ORB. This was completly visible in complete darkness, like a light. now I know from years of seeing in the dark that some colours you just cannot make out or notice in the dark, but this 'THING/ORB' was as red as the reddest apple you've ever seen, and moving, and had mass and form, just like the 'thing' sitting on my sons cot looking at me...

All i need to knowe is, am i or my family in danger. this 'voice' last night stated no, but could the 'voice' be lying?

Again any help from ANYONE would be appreciated...

Thank you...


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also I'm not what you would call a 'christain'. I was raised a born again christain, well I was 'forced' to be raised one. i left, or you would say, saw sense of it all when I was 16 years old and went the other way. I have problems regarding organised religion. I beleive in God as the creator of everything. My intepretaion of God would be that God IS the universe, is the particles, the atoms, dna etc. I find the jesus, mohhamed,shive, buddha stories hard to beleive.

I write this in case anyone asks why did i recite the lords prayer. well i did in dreams as i felt a sense of protection. last night proved that the prayer over no protection in reality, to what was there...

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First off, I don't think you're crazy. What you experienced is quite common. I've heard of these red orb things a lot. I'm sure most people reading this, don't think you're nuts, either. Not here on this site, anyway.

Demons, maybe. Because of the time of year, and the the fact that you are 'open' has a lot to do with it I'm sure. You said you were forcedly raised a born-again Christian, so again, quite common for things to happen to you. Many stories of previously religious people (that is to say, people brought up into a religion, not necessarily had beliefs in a religion) having such experiences with 'evil forces'.

Part of it is, the 'open' people are being targeted because we can see and hear more so than those who are 'closed'. I too, have been experiencing more than the usual amount of "strange things", and I know I'm not alone in that. I've been speaking with others that are experiencing more than normal amounts of "weird or unusual occurrences". I've told you before, in a previous post I believe, you are NOT alone with what's going on. Although I haven't experienced the orbs or the black entities, I know for a fact others have.

As for the feeling of your house, I had similar feelings in the house that I've been in now for 8 years, but only for the first probably 2 years. Once I realized I was feeling mostly 'residual energies', the eerieness subsided. I used to sleep in the basement when my husband was on midnight shift. I couldn't sleep in our bedroom. It felt like someone was always staring at me from inside my closet. THAT feeling is still there, but I know that it's not harmful, but it still creeps me out. I can tolerate it now. There's still creepiness around the house, and there are many shadows that move when there's no one around. Lots of odd sounds as well.

Now, to the hearing of voices, I get from the post that this is only happening with the orb and entity there? This, again, is a common thing, with or without the orb/entities. I used to hear what sounded like muffled chatter all the time a couple years ago. It suddenly stopped with the death of my husband's father. It has been coming back here and there more recently.

So, although I have not experienced what you have, I HAVE heard of it, and it is quite common. Being psychic myself, I can relate, and I understand completely. My entire life has been surrounded by 'strange events', ghosts and voices, visions, things that most people would call crazy. I've currently been working with others with some similar situations.

But I do believe it to be an attack on those who are open, to try to control us so that we may not help others when we are needed when, I believe, things relating to '2012' will take place.

Hope this helps. :)

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It does help, I'm suprised to hear that these 'red orbs' are not uncommon.

I've heard of OBEing experiences especailly those who can do it by will. could it have been that also? I'm just scratching my head it trying to find an explaination.

But I'm looking into that and i will read up more on what i saw. maybe by doing that I can find an answer maybe in the middle.

and yes you did mention in an earlier post, in that I'm not alone...

Peace and love and have a happy holiday.

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I hope you can get to more of a defined answer. It will not only help yourself, but it will help others to understand as well.

It's not impossible it was an OBE.

These orbs and black/dark entities, I've only heard of them happening while awake.

I do hope you keep us posted as to any more occurrences or with any information you dig up on what could be happening.

Wish I could help more.

Happy holiday to you as well!


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Any help or trying to understand what happened, is much appreciated.

I will definetly keep you updated, on any future experiences if and when they happen :)

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I'm positive they will continue. At least until you can fully understand and control what's happening to you. Again, more common than you would imagine.