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Intuition, or "Innate Wisdom", is manifested not through thought, but flashes up in the spaces between thought. Intuition needs inner silence to unfold. In addition, it is necessary to develop attention to not let those insights and hunches pass unnoticed. Intuition is our divine link, our true religio, and that is why it is sacred.

"The only valuable thing is intuition" - Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was known to have practiced a simple technique for the purpose of using intuition by taking little naps throughout the day, and sleep little at night. This allowed him to regularly connect with his subconscious mind for receiving creative inspirations and solutions for his scientific problems and projects.

THE IDIOT GUIDE TO INTUITION is a guide for developing intuition in everyone's life. The author shows in the three parts of the book, the awakening of true innocence, the recovery and healing of the inner child, and the eschatological experience of awakening to soul, how to develop deep intuition. It's almost like a mathematical formula that could be expressed as innocence plus a healthy creative inner child.

In simpler terms it could be said that intuition is the result of an innocent mind in which the inner child functions without obstructions.

Innocence is the true power, it makes for excellent relationships with all beings, it makes for a modest, humble attitude, it makes thereby for a long life, and for good health.

This is done not by learning something but on the contrary by unlearning much of conditioned knowledge that has to be cleared before true innocence, the true inner child, can unfold.