Instructions on how to hypnotize


Things You'll Need:

* Comfortable hypnosis area
* Gentle voice
* Proper consent from the individual that you will be hypnotizing

Step 1

Create a relaxed setting for your hypnosis to take place. Soft lighting and a quiet area with no distractions will work best

Step 2

Speak gently and ask the person that you wish to hypnotize to relax. You want your hypnotized subject to feel completely comfortable, relaxing all muscles and their mind.

Step 3

Ask the person to close their eyes and breath deeply in and out, again promoting further relaxation.

Step 4

Take notice as to whether the person seems to be completely relaxed of entranced. If so, you are ready to begin the more vocal part of hypnosis. The question and answer, or power of suggestion. Using your words to "suggest" relief of pain or stress from the subjects mind.

Step 5

Close the session by suggesting a word that will break the trance like state. Such as, "When I say the words 'open your eyes,' you will leave this level of consciousness and regain a full state of mind."

Step 6

Encourage the person at sessions end, to believe in the power of hypnosis. To understand that by allowing their mind to relax and accept the power of suggestion, that they may be able to reap the benefits of hypnosis.